Where To Put Floor Lamp In Bedroom?

Where to put floor lamp in bedroom? Is this what you’re looking for? Here you go.

Floor lamps are a versatile addition to any room. They provide light where you need it and can add a touch of personality to your space. But, figuring out where to put a floor lamp in the bedroom can be tricky. Putting it in an effective place will make you feel relaxed and cozy while putting it in the wrong place would make your room look weird or messy. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect spot for your floor lamp, but before let’s see why we need one in our bedrooms:

Where To Put Floor Lamp In Bedroom?

9 Simple Steps For Where To Put Floor Lamp In Bedroom?

It Provides Functional Convenience

A bedroom is used for many reasons such as sleeping, reading, spending private time with spouse or kids, etc. So lighting from the ceiling isn’t good enough for all these activities because they need different brightness levels. Thus, instead of buying many types of lights for different purposes, it is better to buy floor lamps that can provide multiple uses.

They are Good Accents

We know every room needs a focal point. A stylish lamp on the floor can be an excellent choice because it is interesting and eye-catching while not too overpowering.

They Provide Ambiance

It is necessary to have appropriate light in order to create the right mood in the bedroom. Floor lamps are the perfect way to do this because their light won’t disturb others if you want to sleep close to your partner or kids. So, the next time you decide where to put a floor lamp in the bedroom, consider these points, and you will get one that suits best your existing décor and needs.

Now that you know all the benefits of having a floor lamp in your bedroom, let’s take a look at different places where you can put it:

1. The Bedside Table

If you want to use a floor lamp as a reading light, placing it on the bedside table is the best option. This way, you will have both hands free to hold the book, and the light will be just right for reading.

Another advantage of putting a floor lamp on the bedside table is that it can act as a night light. So, if you or your partner are scared of darkness, this would be the perfect solution for you. A drawback of this placement is that it can take up space on the already congested bedside table.

2. Behind or Beside the Couch

If you have a seating arrangement in your bedroom, it would be great to put a floor lamp behind or beside the couch. This way comfort of people sitting will not get disturbed by the light, plus the same lighting effect without any disturbance will be possible.

As far as choosing between behind or beside is concerned, it depends on whether you are using a bench or sofa in the bedroom. If you are using a bench, putting the lamp behind is preferable because then the bench itself becomes a decoration piece and looks attractive.

However, if you are using a sofa, placing one side of it close to the wall doesn’t make sense because every time someone wants to sit on that side, he/she has to pull the sofa away from the wall, which can be very inconvenient. So, it is better to put a floor lamp beside the couch in this case.

3. Over the Bed

If you have a king-size or queen-size bed in your bedroom, then hanging a floor lamp over the bed can be an ideal choice. It will provide enough light while not disturbing others at night and add to the room’s beauty due to its stylish appearance. Many varieties of modern lamps are available with chain and cord, making them suitable for overhead placement. However, we recommend taking help from an electrician if you don’t know how to do it safely and efficiently.

4. On Other Side of Room

A floor lamp on the other side of the room is a good option if you want a lightning effect on both sides of the bed ( most generally, people prefer this ). This way, you can put a one-floor lamp on the left side and another on the right, thus lightening the entire room without causing any discomfort to anyone. Plus, if someone is sitting or lying down in the middle of the bed, this option will provide lighting from both sides, which means he/she won’t have dark areas on either side.

5. Right Beside Wall Plug

If you are not using a floor lamp for reading or other activities, putting it beside a wall plug can be a good choice. Plus, some lamps come with cordless designs these days, making them even more convenient. This placement is particularly useful if you want to place some type of lamps on both sides of bedroom walls because then you don’t need any wire to connect them.

6. Next to the Photo Wall

If you have a photo wall in your bedroom, it would be great to put a floor lamp next to it. This will add extra light to photos and make them look more beautiful. Plus, this way, you can also use floor lamps as décor pieces.

7. The Corner of the Room

If you don’t have enough space on the bedside table or if you want to use a floor lamp as the main light in your bedroom, placing it in the corner is a great idea. This way, the lamp will light up the entire room, and it can be your primary source of light.

A downside of this placement is that it might not be very decorative.

8. The Area In Front of Bed

This is probably the most common place to put a floor lamp in the bedroom. It is especially good if your bed doesn’t have a headboard. Floor lamps can act as both task and ambient light here.

A disadvantage of this placement is that it can block traffic flow in the room.

9. In Front of the Window

If your bedroom has a window and you want to brighten it up, this is a great place for a floor lamp. It can function as a task light if you have a bed facing the window and as an ambient source of light if not. One downside is that the room might get too hot from the floor lamp’s heat if your windows are closed.

Putting the floor lamp next to the window would brighten the room, especially if sun rays are coming through the window. However, just like mentioned above, if windows are closed, then such placement can result in excess heat inside the bedroom, which could be harmful.

Now that you know all these different places where you can put floor lamps in the bedroom. Choose the one that best suits your needs, and make sure to get a stylish one that will add ambiance to the room.

What to consider when choosing bedroom lamps?

When choosing floor lamps for bedroom, there are some things you must consider like:

  • Area of the room: this is the first (and most important) thing to look at. You must know how much area can be covered with that particular lamp, especially if it’s your main source of lighting. If the lamp doesn’t cover enough area, it’ll not provide even lighting, which will make the room look murky. Also, it might not brighten up dark corners in the bedroom or hidden areas under beds, etc. Thus choose a floor lamp depending on the size of your bedroom and the amount of darkness you want to eliminate.
  • Positioning: where do you want to place floor lamps? Making use of overhead lights? Working near the window? Or maybe you don’t want to place floor lamps near-wall plugs? Think about it carefully and choose a lamp design depending on the location where you will put it.
  • Convenience: floor lamps are usually heavy because of their base, so if you are purchasing one for the bedroom, make sure that bringing it around won’t be difficult. Also, consider the weight of the lampshade as well. It mustn’t be too light or too heavy.
  • Shape: even though this point is not that important, certain shapes match better with certain places. For example, if your bed doesn’t have a headboard, round-shaped lamps might look good next to it. On the other hand, if you want to place a floor lamp in front of the window, go for sleek and elegant designs.
  • Price: as with any other purchase, price is an essential factor to consider. You don’t want to spend too much on a floor lamp that will only be used in the bedroom. However, make sure not to compromise quality over price because a good-quality lamp can last for years.

Once you’ve considered all these factors, it will be much easier for you to choose the perfect floor lamp for your bedroom. So take your time, do some research and find the best design that suits your needs!


Floor lamps are a great way to add functionality and style to your bedroom. Knowing where to put them can be tough, but it is important to consider the different benefits they provide before making a decision. The most common places to put them are by the bedside table, in the corner of the room, or in front of the bed. Whichever place you choose, make sure to get a stylish lamp that will add ambiance to your bedroom.


So where should you put your floor lamp in your bedroom?

Well, there are a few different options. You could place it in the corner of the room, or you could place it next to your bed. If you have a reading nook in your bedroom, you could also place the floor lamp in that area. Just make sure to choose a spot where the light will be most beneficial.

Can you put a floor lamp next to a TV?

The general rule is that you should not put a floor lamp next to a TV. This is because the light from the floor lamp can create glare on the TV screen. If you really want to put a floor lamp next to your TV, try to choose one that has a diffuser, which will help reduce the glare.