Torchiere Floor Lamp LED Bulb Replacement

Torchiere Floor Lamp LED Bulb Replacement, are you looking for this? You’ve come to the right place.

Torchiere lamps are a great way to add a touch of elegance and class to any room. They are usually placed on the floor and provide a lot of light to the area below them. When it comes time for a replacement bulb, you have two options: go with an LED bulb or replace the entire lamp.

If you decide to replace just the bulb, you will need to find one that is compatible with your torchiere lamp. You should also be aware that not all LED bulbs will work as replacements because they have different wattages and may not be as bright as your original bulb.

The second option is to replace your entire torchiere floor lamp and use an LED bulb in it instead of the original incandescent one. This will make your room brighter, save on energy costs, and last you 15 times longer.

I will show you how to change the LED bulb in a torchiere floor lamp in a few steps.

So let’s start:

Torchiere Floor Lamp LED Bulb Replacement – Easy Steps

Step1: Unplug The Floor Lamp

It would be best if you allowed the lamp and bulb enough time to cool off completely after unplugging the cord from the wall outlet. Older-style incandescent bulbs give off much less light than some modern bulbs.

These devices can get very hot and retain heat for long periods, even after being turned off. Avoid burning yourself by using these devices. Oils can damage halogen bulbs with bare hands, and in some situations, they can even become fire hazards.

Step2: Replace The Old Bulb

The best way to remove an old light bulb is with cloth gloves; avoid touching it with bare hands. A lamp’s surface can burn from the oils on your hands, posing a fire hazard.

In the absence of gloves, you can use an old T-shirt, a handkerchief, or even a paper towel. Simply unscrew the tiny screws that hold the glass cover over the halogen bulb.

Keep the glass and screws apart in a safe place, and you may want to keep them in a small plastic bag to avoid losing any of them.

The spring-loaded holder in some bulbs resembles the long tubes found in fluorescent ceiling lights, and some bulbs have a twist-and-lock mechanism. In this case, it should be noted how one should be pressed against the holder to remove it.

The new bulb will be locked correctly in place if you do this.

Remove the counterclockwise screw and gently wiggle the bulb out. The base of some smaller bulbs has pins that must be pushed in until they can be removed; in this case, pull the bulb out carefully.

Be sure these pins do not fall out of the lamp. Look for the ANSI code printed on the bulb; you will need a replacement bulb with this exact same series of letters.

As well as having the same wattage as the old one, the replacement must also be the same.

To ensure that you have all the information you need, write up the ANSI code along with the bulb size, type, and wattage. Be sure to store this information safely for future reference.

Step3: Install The New Bulb

While replacing a halogen bulb for a floor lamp, you need to wear protective cloth gloves. Keep the receipt for the new bulb just in case you need to double-check that the ANSI codes for the old and new bulbs match.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you keep some extra bulbs on hand. Place the replacement bulb in place by screwing it in clockwise. Reinstall the glass cover and screw it in place.

Ensure the new bulb works by plugging your floor lamp back into the wall.

Disadvantages of Changing Torchiere To LED Lighting

The benefits of switching to LED lighting are that it is more energy-efficient, lasts longer, and has a better color temperature. The downside to this change is that it will be pricier than the halogen bulbs.


  • More energy efficient
  • Lasts longer
  • Better color temperature


  • Pricier

Some Important Tips:

A raw potato piece can be used to replace a broken bulb when it breaks inside the socket. Push the cut side of the potato onto the socket; the bulb will be absorbed into the potato.

Get the bulb to come loose by twisting the potato.

When you go to the store, bring the old bulb with you if you are unsure of the replacement bulb size. A bulb’s wattage and size are labeled on the top.

When switching from incandescent to fluorescent or LED lighting, ensure you get the correct wattage and socket size.

Before replacing the bulb, check the lamp’s base to see if it requires a certain wattage or type of bulb. This is especially important when changing types of bulbs.

Multiple bulbs can be used in some lamps if they have the same wattage, but in others only one type of bulb can be used.