Sky LED Touchchair Floor Lamp Review (Updated 2022)

The Sky LED Touchchair Super Bright Floor Lamp is a slim, sophisticated, and non-slip lamp that lets you look in any corner.

Because the light source is LED – the lamp is lightweight, and the light head itself is tiny and smooth.

The lamp is 63 inches long and 10 inches in base and shade diameter.

The shade is a solid color with a light source beneath it.

The light can also be tilted at a slight angle to the direction you want to go.

This floor lamp comes in seven color options – so you should have something to decorate.

The LED bulbs have 3000K warm white colors and have three brightness levels that you control with touch-sensitive buttons or remote control.

This button is about a third way down from the shadow at the control post, making it easy for you to control whether you are sitting or standing by the lamp.

Sky LED Touchchair Floor Lamp Review

Multiple control ways:

Sky LED Touchchair floor lamp reviewWhen you don’t want to leave your sofa and a warm bed to turn on/off the floor lamp, you can use the remote control(with a 32.8ft/10m range). You can also control this floor lamp or adjust the brightness with a soft-touch button.

Three color temperatures:

This floor lamp has three adjustable color temperature settings from 3000K to 5000K. This floor lamp comes with step-by-step brightness adjustment with natural white, no white, and cool white light. It memorizes your settings when you use it or when power is disrupted.

Safe and space-friendly:

This floor lamp is best for you if you have kids or pets due to its heavy base. The base is very happy. The bottom will provide adequate stability from falling, which can be sure and safe and stable.

If you have a space problem, this floor lamp can solve your problem because it is space-friendly. You can easily set it under your sofa or also near a narrow corner. With the 350 rotation feature, you can adjust any angle you need to make the light fit you.

Directional and Glare-Free Light:

You can easily rotate the light surface with the 350-degree feature and tilt it at any angle between straight and parallel to the floor. 69inch / 175 cm height and tiltable top make it easy to avoid glare from light levels. When you’re on camera for long-distance meetings, the lamp, hidden in a corner, provides excellent lighting.

Modern style:

This floor lamp is perfect for you due to its modern style. It can be ideal for your furniture and suitable for living room, bedroom, guest room, hotel, cafes, study, college dorm, party, library, study, classroom, etc.

Eye caring:

The best floor lamps’ soft natural light illuminates the whole room without directing the eyes and protects your eyes when you are reading a book or watching TV.


  • 30 Wattage
  • 15 x 12.2 x 4.49 inches package dimension
  • With remote control
  • Multiple control ways
  • Three colors temperature
  • Space friendly
  • Directional and Glare-Free Light
  • Metal shade material
  • Corded electric power source
  • LED light source

This is what users have to say about this floor lamp.


  • 30w/2400LM sky LED modern light
  • Safe and durable
  • Eyes caring
  • 4 step touch control panel
  • 10m remote distance


  • Some complaints about remote control


Why do people like this floor lamp


As I said, it’s lightweight and slim enough to fit anywhere.

The light is warm enough to read and make a room feel comfortable, but it is so white that the room does not feel too yellow or dim.

I was a little worried that the lamp might not be too bright at night because there is a dark color under the shade.

However, the lamp is very bright at night – so I didn’t have to worry at all.

You can control the brightness so that you can use it for mood lighting or task lighting.

And, most importantly, the lamp itself is easy to put together! You can easily screw the four parts of the tube to the base and shade, and you’re done.

Another plus is that the cord is nice and long, so you don’t need to be too close to an electrical outlet or an extension cord.


Can the head of the lamp bend down towards the floor instead of the ceiling?

The lamp head can be made parallel to the wall (90 degrees), but no further, so you will not be able to tilt it towards the floor. As far as illuminating wall art, you would like to use flood lamps or theater spotlights to illuminate the art. But yes, you can dim it properly.

Can this floor lamp suitable for a large living room with a 20-foot ceiling?

It depends – if you mean bright things don’t move and there is no ordinary light, yes. Suppose you represent that you can read on the other side of the large room, no. With 14 ‘vault ceilings and cream-colored walls, it effectively illuminated the approximately 12’x12’ space. For a large room, I would recommend more than one fixture.

How thick is the base?

This is an inch thick and quite heavy disc.


With high brightness and low heat LED advanced technology, this floor makes your choice best. It has the brightness of a 200W brilliant lamp. This floor lamp will not heat up when you use it in the long term due to acrylic material. The light has a long life with the right current and voltage, which means low maintenance and replacement cost—a totally money and energy saver.