Selenite Lamp VS Himalayan Salt Lamp, Who Is The Best in 2022

Due to their health benefits, Selenite Lamp VS Himalayan Salt Lamp has gained popularity over the past decade. People appreciate both lamps for their different types of health benefits and report seeing them in their own lives. However, the real benefit of both lamps is not necessarily their health benefits but rather their ability to promote a sense of natural calm.

It is not difficult to use either lamp as a bedside lamp. Many people, however, like to place their salt lamps in every room of the house, including:

  • The lounge room
  • The TV room
  • The kitchen, in particular
  • The bedroom

Lamps made of Selenite, however, are often perfect for bedside tables.

But the question is what is the main difference between them and who is the best for you?

Let’s find the answer, but first, take a look at our quick guide:

Quick guide

A Himalayan salt lamp would be best for a person with allergy symptoms or someone who wants to improve their sleeping patterns.

A selenite lamp would be more appropriate if you intended to clear negative energy from your home or create a tranquil place for yoga or meditation.

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But first, I want to tell you one of the most demanding Himalayan and Selenite salt lamps that achieved top ranking on amazon.

Himalayan salt lamp bowl with natural crystal chunks

Himalayan salt lamp BUY ON AMAZON

The Himalayan Salt Lamp bowl shape with crystal chunks is handcrafted from crystals collected from the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan, which is considered the best salt in crafting globally.

Benefits and fresh air

Your living spaces’ ionic balance will be enhanced by the bowl shape of a Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp. This salt crystal lamp has unique natural properties. When a Himalayan lamp is lit, heated rock Himalayan salt emits negative ions, creating a calming amber glow. Natural ionization helps create a calming effect that allows you to sleep better.

Special interior design experience

A Himalayan salt lamp is a beautiful and relaxing addition to any home, business, or store. The amber glow also gives the ambiance a special design element and purifies the mood of any room. A visual sensation of calm embraces visitors and friends in a non-stressful and re-energizing experience.

A Himalayan bowl salt lamp includes a polished wooden base, bulb with an E12 socket incandescent, a 5-feet electric cord, and a Dimmer switch.

Additionally, the product manual provides detailed operating and maintenance instructions.

Plugin & Go41i6HHXW9CL. SL500

A salt lamp that does not turn on after plugging in must be rotated with a dimmer switch. To get a perfect amber glow, dim the switch to your desired brightness. The lamp is made of salt rock chunks that are 2 inches or 3 inches long and uses a 25W bulb.

A metal bulb guard is already installed on the bulb to protect it. Himalayan salt chunks with a diameter of 3 to 4 inches will be included in the inbox. All of these chunks will be arranged around a metal bulb guard, and you will be able to live your dream.


Himalayan salt lamps are high-quality products. In case you aren’t delighted with your order, you can return it without hassle. Our customers come first. Customers are important to us, and we stand by our products. This product will be of great value to you.

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  • Dimmable switch
  • 25-watt bulb
  • E12 socket
  • Enhance your interior beauty
  • Provide you fresh air


  • Don’t definable



What is the purpose of a Himalayan salt lamp?

Answer: Their glowing glow is warm and reddish-pink when they are lit. Decorators say these pieces do much more than simply light up a room. According to the company, as well as boosting mood and easing allergies and asthma, the lamps purify the air and improve sleep.

Will this turn On and Off if connected to a timer?

Answer: My knowledge of timing isn’t 100% since I haven’t used one before. You can turn the lamp on and off using a dial switch on the cord. The lamp’s brightness can be adjusted by turning the dial higher or lower. If you leave the button turned on, you can also do it with this, just like any item with an on/off switch. Dimmers work similarly to this switch.

Where do you place a Himalayan salt lamp in the bedroom?

Answer: It’s a smart idea to add a salt lamp to your bedroom; you can put it on your nightstand to have a natural air purifier. It may benefit you in many ways if you place it beside you. Negative ions released by it destroy pollution and allergens in the air.

Himalayan Glow Natural Selenite Lamp

Himalayan Glow Natural Selenite Lamp BUY ON AMAZON

White salt lamps from Himalayan Glow are available in a wide variety of designs that fit any style or personality. Amongst the most popular therapeutic properties of white selenite is calming, soothing, and healthful. This table lamp is illuminated by a 15-watt built-in bulb that emits a warm amber glow.

Health Benefits

Known for its powers of mental clarity, mental flexibility, and decision-making, selenite calms the body and mind of energy obstructions. Crystals also are capable of clearing and strengthening the energy of other stones placed on or near them. Lamps by the bedside, for example, can be soothing.

Their high vibration makes them excellent for healing, and they offer a deep sense of inner peace and clarity. A crystal’s color depends on its mineral composition. A team of master craftsmen with over 80 combined years of experience handcraft each lamp with perfection from selenite.


Dimming the light according to your mood is possible through a dimmer switch. To create a tranquil and calm environment, you can place selenite lamps throughout a room or area.


Selenite lamps are made from selenite, a naturally white and translucent crystal. This creates a nice and soothing glow as you can see the light passing through. With the tower look achieved by splitting and chipping along natural cleavage surfaces, we carved the selenite in its natural state to create a unique lamp. As a result, every lamp is unique and, as a result, offers significant mental health benefits.


41WdpiGPe L. SL500Crystallized gypsum crystal is used in the manufacture of Selenites Lamps. It produces a warming glow as light passes quickly through it. Originally hollowed out, the selenite contains a stone tower, and it is split and chipped along the natural fracture surfaces to produce the tower effect. In this way, every lamp is different and has many mental health benefits.

Minerals with high vibrations include selenite. It is an excellent stone for meditation, as it brings deep peace and tranquility. By placing selenite around the outside of a house, we can create a safe and quiet space protected from outside influences. The purpose of this tool was to raise awareness and promote peace. A selenite stone is excellent for meditation and encourages clarity of thought.


  • Selenite Crystals Help to Remove All Energy Blockages In the Body
  • It gives you a Calm and Peaceful Environment,
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Enhance your interior beauty
  • It removes toxic negative energy


  • And the bulbs burnt out after 1/2 day of use


What is a selenite lamp suitable for?

Answer: The selenite lamp is widely known for its ability to rid the body of negative energy and heal the chakras. Serenity can also be used for meditation and spiritual practice since it has calming properties. Also, selenite improves memory.

Do selenite lamps melt?

Answer: Benefits of Selenite tower lamps

It would slowly dissolve if left in water for a long time. In the long run, it will dissolve, but not immediately. We clean and run our selenite tower lamps underwater with our own personal lamps.

Is it okay to leave a salt lamp on all night?

Answer: Yes, without a doubt, no problem! Not only that, but you should leave your salt lamp on overnight to really experience its calming effects.


it’s time to decide which lamp would be better, the Himalayan or the Selenite.


There is a significant difference between the two lamps in that Himalayan salt lamps attract moisture, and they must be on to remove the water from the air.

As soon as you turn off the Himalayan salt lamp, that moisture will collect and run down.

To keep the salt lamps dry, you should keep them on for at least 16 hours a day.

As a result, moisture will be absorbed. Therefore, they’ll get damp, leak, and get wet.

The only time you will ever have a problem with a leaking salt lamp is if you have your salt lamp on for 24 hours a day.

The residue will not remain there, and there won’t be any problems.

In addition to the beautiful onyx crystal bases, the Himalayan salt lamp comes with a metal lining.

The lamp bases have been upgraded from the wooden ones, which become very wet and very moist due to moisture dripping from the lamp.

A beautiful crystal base is made of onyx. If your salt lamp does happen to leak a little moisture, they’re easily cleaned. They look appealing, they’re shiny, and it’s easy to wipe them down.

Depending on how you want to utilize them, Selenite lamps can either be on or off. As a night light, they are often turned on as people approach their beds and then turned off when they get into bed.

There are a few differences between the two.

It is believed that the negative ions emitted by the Himalayan salt lamp help to purify and clear the air. Therefore, when people who have asthma have salt lamps around them, they feel more comfortable.

The Himalayan salt lamp rooms allow you to sit and clear your sinuses, as well as clear your breathing tracks since Himalayan salt lamps surround you.

You can turn off the Selenite lamps at night, but they are beautiful at night.

They provide you with soothing and calming effects, help you clear your mind, and cleanse your energy. They are also extremely positive in the space where you have them.

Himalayan salt lamp and better sleep

Himalayan salt lamp and better sleep

Other people have reported that salt lamps can help them with their sleep and help them go to sleep more easily. The reason for this is the soothing orange glow of the salt lamp; it puts your mind at rest and gives a nice warm glow and a comfortable feeling.

Young children are attracted to Himalayan salt lamps because of this reason.

The warmth and soft glow of a Himalayan salt lamp will put the mind of kids who have difficulty sleeping at night or feel nervous.

Some say that in addition to being able to sleep, those soft colors that emanate from Himalayan salt lamps improve their mood.

Because of that soothing, relaxing atmosphere and the ambient glow, many people prefer large Himalayan salt lamps.

There have been reports that it improves mood and even concentration.

Selenite Lamps’ benefits

Crystal tower lamps from Selenite are considered among the most beautiful, interesting, and inspiring crystals available.

While they are rather hard to hold and difficult to break, they are made of the mineral gypsum and are softer crystals.

It is softer than other crystals, however.

It actually would slowly dissolve in water if you left it in there for a long time. So, in the long run, it will dissolve, but not immediately.

Our own Selenite tower lamps are cleaned by putting them underwater. They must be dried right away as well as allowed to sit so that they can dry.

The Selenite lamp comes with several benefits:

Despite their size, they emit a beautiful soft glow that is extremely comfortable and wide.

In addition to its association with mental clarity, Selenite has its own advantages.

So, the Selenite lamp is best for those looking for a more straightforward thought pattern and just a clear thought.

Many energy healers across the globe recommend Selenite over other crystals.

Selenite lamp and meditation

If you enjoy meditation, the Selenite tower lamp or the mini lamp is perfect for you.

Clear thinking and meditation enable you to get many more ideas and thoughts into your mind.

As a result, you are able to relax more quickly and reach a deeply meditative alpha state faster. By doing so, you are able to relax and concentrate on what you want to achieve, giving you clarity of focus and giving your intention the direction it needs.

Selenite is often used as a protective stone and to ward off negative energies.

You can place the Selenite crystals lamps in the four corners of their homes for decoration purposes.

You are creating an energy grid that helps ward off negative energies and make peace within your home.

The Selenite tower lamps are not required to place the Selenite towers in the four corners. In their place, you’ll find Selenite mini-towers.

Selenite lamp for the love relationship

It is said that Selenite is a powerful relationship stone. Rose quartz is considered the number one relationship stone. But Selenite is also known for spreading the positive energies of establishing a strong relationship.

The Selenite in the bedroom is beneficial for you when it comes to your relationships, and you also tend to do a lot of meditating in your bedroom.

While meditating in your bedroom allows you to have clarity of mind regarding your intentions.

You can place Selenite towers on your bedside table if you want to focus on love and relationships. This stone helps remove emotions that are not in alignment with our beliefs.

If you want clarity about your future relationship goals, you should eliminate any negative emotions and get your mind clear.

From a relationship point of view, Selenite is a powerful crystal that effectively removes those negative emotions and allows you to focus on what you wish for in your personal life.

When one is in a relationship, they may feel stuck, or maybe there is some negativity; Selenite is a crystal that allows those energies to be removed and the path for their relationship to be cleared.

Selenite’s presence makes it impossible to be negative in and around those areas.

As a result, Selenite is very commonly used in bedrooms, especially for people who want positive energies while in there with their partners. All the negative points should be removed from the room to clear the air.

Truth and Honesty

Part of this process is the focus on truth and honesty in relationships.

It is the presence of Selenite around you that facilitates the pursuit of truth and integrity. By doing this, you will be able to maintain a transparent and open relationship between your partners.

Cleaning the negative energy

Cleaning the negative energy

The Selenite wand is often used by people during energy clearing to release negative energy.

A lot of people have them in front of their front door as they enter their houses. Through their use of Selenite wands, they eradicate negative energy that has been generated from their day’s activities.

Many people who work in a difficult or tough work environment love coming home from work and clearing their energy when they enter their home.

Thus, that negative energy is left behind while the Selenite cleanses emotions and cleanses energy, making your evening brighter and more balanced.

Due to clearing those negative energies, you’ll feel a lot more vibrant and energetic at this point.

How are the benefits of Selenite and Himalayas against each other?

Due to the covid-19, it is not good to go outside the home for fresh air. So if you want fresh air at your home, then you must have a Himalayan salt lamp at your home.

Himalayan salt lamps have the ability to eliminate toxins in the air and absorb them, so the air in each room you place them in is lovely clean, and fresh.

Salt lamps emit negative ions, which is one of their major benefits. But, unfortunately, positive ions now have a high nature.

A waterfall releases lots of negative ions when you are in or near it.

Near the sea, there is a lot of negativity emitted by the waves.

Positive ions are plentiful when you are out in nature, and especially on or near a beach. It is a great feeling when you are outside or near these areas.

If you sit and let the waterfall on or around you, you’ll breathe fresh air since the water creates negative ions.

Alternatively, you might think about a beautiful rainforest with a waterfall.

In most situations, we find ourselves in an unwelcome environment. For most of the day, negative ions are seldom found in the office, home, or around it.

Being in those types of office environments is somewhat draining.

Because of this, people like to place pot plants and Himalayan salt lamps in their homes to help freshen up the air and recharge the environment. When people see the plants and beautiful Himalayan salt lamps around their office, they feel quite uplifted.

Incorporated spaces often have beautiful flowers in the reception area for this reason. In addition, the music is very uplifting, and it has a very natural feel to it.

It is a lovely feeling to see those beautiful objects around your workplace.

Increasingly, business owners are adding Himalayan salt lamps to their reception areas.

Salt lamps can give people more uplifting energy, and they feel more vibrant and alive when they have them on and around them.


No one is biased towards salt lamps, and we have these in every room of the house, along with Selenite lamps. The lamp looks striking when it is lit at night.

Our recommendation would be to have the Himalayan salt lamps around your house and probably the Selenite tower lamps in your bedroom.

If you prefer to have the most positive energy in those corners of the room and to get rid of the negative energy, you can have a collection of four mini-towers in those corners.

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