How To Tell If Your Salt lamp Is Real?

How to tell if your salt lamp is real? If you want to know about this then you are at the right place.

Many sellers sell their salt lamps and other items in places like Amazon. So, the primary thing you’ll do to verify your lamp’s authenticity is to see the reviews on Amazon and other websites. Since tons of individuals already believe in its miraculous health benefits.

So, you’ll go the smarter way and skim the reviews and check the ratings and see if the merchandise has really positively affected the buyers’ health and happiness before you order one for yourself. But just in case you couldn’t wait and have already bought out without the right research, confirm a minimum of check the websites now to verify what you’ve got is the real deal.

If tons of individuals who have already bought the merchandise from the vendor claim that they’re now reaping the advantages since they bought it, you’re probably good to travel.

It is often traced back to the Himalayan ranges

How to tell if your salt lamp is real?

The salt on these lamps comes directly from the Himalayas, a minimum of the important ones do. So, one sure-fire idea of determining if your lamp is original would be to trace where it comes from. If your manufacturer provides you with certificates or access to such information, the likelihood is that they’re trying to trick their buyers.

Here, you want to remember that there’s an enormous difference between where the merchandise has been put together and where the salt has been mined. The salt on these lamps must come directly from the Himalayan mountain ranges. The Himalayan ranges are the one and only proven source of those salts.

The light isn’t uniform or bright

This is extremely natural because the salt crystals will cause the sunshine to refract at different angles. This basically means your Himalayan salt lamp won’t provide an equivalent uniform brightness as all the opposite normal lamps in your house. And it’s not even meant to try that because these salt lamps aren’t alleged to look normal or feel normal. They’re special, and they look the part.

The light given off by the first Himalayan lamps is typically muted and slightly dull. These lamps aren’t alleged to illuminate entire rooms. If your one actually works like all other lamps within the house and lights up entire rooms, it’s probably a knockoff.

So, just in case you latterly bought one among these lamps and that they seem to supply uniform lighting and brightness. Unfortunately, it’s probably a fake. Maybe you ought to demand a refund now.

They are not very durable

Again, this is often extremely normal. Original Himalayan salt lamps are very fragile and need to be treated that way. The chip or break easily during shipping, which suggests tons of them are lost during the delivery process. But, just in case the one you purchased has rolled off the table a minimum of once and has shown no signs of distress, it’s just about a fake.

Original Himalayan salt lamps break or chip easily. Even a small amount of pressure might cause the salt crystals to fall off. So, just in case the one you’ve got shows no sign of wear and tear or tear regardless of what it faces, it’s almost definitely a fake. Needless to mention, though, don’t just drop your lamp on the ground to see its authenticity. it’d cause unpleasant results.

It is pretty expensive

Yes, this one’s pretty strange and can probably cause you to be very unhappy. But it’s true nonetheless. Since mining these salts within the Himalayan range then making and transporting the lamps isn’t cheap. And that’s why the first Himalayan salt lamps are usually very expensive.

There is also the very fact that tons of shipments are broken or damaged during transportation. So manufacturers got to use costlier methods of transport.

If you latterly found a purchase that offered you a lucrative deal on these salt lamps and you were ready to catch on rock bottom, there are high chances that the one you so lovingly bought may be a fake. this is often very true if you purchased a white crystal lamp rather than the standard colored varieties. White crystal ones are rarer and, hence, costlier.

Moisture affects it badly

It is made from salt and is meant to react badly to moisture. The fake ones will hardly show any signs of wear and tear albeit you wash them. But if you’ve got an ingenious Himalayan salt lamp, the instant it gets in touch with water, it’ll start weeping.

One great way to work out if you really have the first product would be to dip a bit of fabric in water and touch the surface of the lamp with it. If you see minor discoloration and a few of the salt gets on the piece of fabric, you’ll rest assured that you simply have an ingenious salt lamp.

If your lamp shows any signs of hygroscopy (or sweating), you ought to know that it’s extremely normal for an ingenious salt lamp to react that way once they are available in contact with moisture within the air.

what are the health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps?

what are the health benefits of Himalayan salt lamps?

You start experiencing the positive health benefits

While there are many non-believers out there, every buyer of an ingenious Himalayan salt lamp will tell you ways the lamps have miraculous health benefits. One might choose to not believe it, but the science behind this lamp is real.

The salt within the lamp purifies the air such a lot that folks with asthma and other breathing issues face an instantaneous improvement. It also helps with dust and other allergy issues. Salt lamps clean the air and make it easier to inhale.

But, if even after buying the lamp, you’re not literally breathing easy, there might actually be something wrong together with your lamp. You ought to be reaping the astounding number of miraculous benefits of getting this lamp around since the instant it first crosses your threshold, and if you indeed see no such difference, the probabilities are that your lamp may be a fake one.

The seller has great return policies

Look, the manufacturers catch on. These lamps are very fragile things that require to be always handled with care. So, there’s an enormous chance that it’d get damaged while it’s being shipped to you. And that’s why all the people that sell original Himalayan salt lamps have excellent return policies.

You spend tons of your hard-earned money while buying these and therefore the manufacturers have gotten your back.

So, if the vendor you’re buying or bought the lamp from doesn’t provide you with any kind of coverage just in case of damages during shipping and transport, you’re probably handling a fake. Sellers of counterfeit Himalayan salt lamps have tried to be more careful when handling consumers. If they’re acknowledged, they know that the customer will want to send the lamp back and that they cannot have that.

Any seller who sells original Himalayan salt lamps will haven’t any such worries and can provide you with extremely viable return policies. They know what they’re supplying you with is the real deal so there’ll be no dissatisfied buyers. Also, albeit the lamp is indeed not a counterfeit, you want to always remember how fragile they’re.

They might get damaged during shipping, so it’s vital you attend a seller who features a good replacement or returns policy in situ.

Final words

As you can see, this fake Himalayan salt lamp is very easy to fraudulently apply to buy recently. So, one must be extremely careful when putting their money into buying one among these. Confirm you research the manufacturer well before you really invest in buying a lamp.

Read reviews on websites and check the ratings. Also, if you’re skeptical about the health benefits offered by these lamps, you’ll read up more about them on the web. Hopefully, you’ll soon be convinced of the very fact that these are indeed worth buying.

In the end, regardless of what, don’t get tempted into buying a lamp simply because someone is selling them cheap. You’ll only be left disgruntled and unhappy with the buy later.

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