How To Rewire A Lamp?

How To Rewire A Lamp? Do you need help with this? Here’s where you can get it.

When you want to turn on the lamp, but there is no light. Then what will you do?

Your lamp may need immediate repair. So don’t worry, we are here for your help. When you want to rewire your lamp, you need some common things like a screwdriver, socket, switch, and hot glue.

How To Rewire A Lamp? Few Easy Steps


So let’s start:


In the first step, first, don’t forget to remove the plug from the socket, then remove the lampshade, a harp, and also the bulb. And abolish any cover from the base.


Turn the lamp to the right side and try to find a screw at the lamp base. If any, then try to unscrew it with a screwdriver. Some older socket screwed on the top of the lamp and needs to be unscrewed.


Please take the socket up about six-inch from the lamp and cut the cord where it arrives from the socket base.


if you think threading the new cable up from the lamp will be difficult, then tangle the old cable where it strips out at the top, then cut the line about ten inches from the lamp base.


at the cut end of the old wire, pull both wires for about two inches. Use the stripper tool on your wire cutter to remove half an inch of insulation material from every wire and expose every wire. Do the same method with the new cable.


Connect the old line’s exposed end with the new cable and use electric tape to attach them. Don’t use too much tape.


Take out the old cable through the top of the lamp as far as the new line about six inches above the lamp’s top. Cut the electrical tape and disconnect the old cable with a new line and throw the old cable.


Take the new socket apart by pinching the highest part—or “shell”—near the bottom and twisting it free.


Pass the two strands of cord up through the socket base, and tie an “Underwriters Knot.”

By making a loop with each strand of the split cord, looping far away from where the strands meet, then passing the top of every strand through the other loop and pulling tight.


Determine which strand of wire is smooth, with no ribs—this is the “hot” or “positive.” Wire. Loosen the assumption screw of the new socket and cover the “hot” wire once around it. Make sure the sting of the insulation is actually up against the screw, and no excess wire is sticking out past it. Tighten the screw to carry the wire in situ.


Wrap the opposite (ribbed) wire—also referred to as the “neutral” wire—under the opposite screw and tighten.


Reassemble the socket by twisting the shell back onto the bottom. Pull the cord from the rock bottom of the lamp until the socket is back in situ, then tighten the base screw to secure it.


Re-affix the felt covering by lining the exposed part of the bottom with hot glue and pressing the felt back to place. If you completely removed the felt, you’ll create a replacement covering to exchange it. Using the lamp base as a guide, cut the felt into the proper shape, then glue it to the base.


Screw during a light bulb, replace the harp and therefore the shade, connect your “new” lamp… and bask in the glow of your success.