Hueliv Wifi LED Floor Lamp Review (Updated 2022)

Hueliv super-bright wifi LED floor lamp review

Introducing the Hueliv smart wifi LED floor lamp. This floor lamp is the perfect combination of elegant and stylish functions. It allows you to create the ideal lighting environment in any room with the latest facility of smart technology. You can choose different lighting tones to suit your time of day and your mood. This … Read more

Sky LED Touchchair Floor Lamp Review (Updated 2022)

Sky LED Touchchair floor lamp review

The Sky LED Touchchair Super Bright Floor Lamp is a slim, sophisticated, and non-slip lamp that lets you look in any corner. Because the light source is LED – the lamp is lightweight, and the light head itself is tiny and smooth. The lamp is 63 inches long and 10 inches in base and shade … Read more

Super Bright LED Metal Floor Lamp Review (Updated 2022)

Super Bright LED Metal Floor Lamp Review

Do you have the experience to buy a perfect floor lamp for your home or office? If you don’t have one, then don’t worry, we are here to help you. Here we review one of the best floor lamps of them which is a Super Bright standing LED Metal Floor Lamp. This floor lamp has … Read more

CHIPHY Floor Lamp Review (Updated 2022)

CHIPHY Floor Lamp Review

CHIPHY floor lamp is considered reliable to use anytime and anywhere you need it. This is because the lamp is lightweight and therefore portable and does not involve complicated assembly procedures. This smart floor lamp will be ideal for use in areas such as bedrooms and living rooms in other areas. If you want to … Read more

Dodocool LED Floor Lamp Review (Updated 2022)


Multi-functional Dodocool LED floor lamp has a wonderful and perfect design, which is not only a floor reading lamp but also a new design for your living room, bedroom, and office. Dodocool LED floor lamp is ideal for arts and crafts, reading, sewing, woodworking, and any other hobby that needs perfect lighting. Shine enough to … Read more

DEEPLITE standing Floor Lamp Review (Updated 2022)

DEEPLITE standing Floor Lamp Review

Make your home or office more beautiful with a DEEPLITE floor lamp. A unique and decent design makes this floor lamp more popular among people. Do you want a floor lamp that is safe for your child and pets or decent in design, then this floor lamp is the best choice for you. As you … Read more

Kenroy Home Rustic Floor Lamp Review (Updated 2022)


Kenroy is known for its sleek, sophisticated, and affordable design. This is an excellent example of that. More extended versions of this design and different shapes are also available. If you are looking for a small, immovable lamp to light a dark corner of a room at a low price, or you want to create … Read more

Adesso Maui Arc Floor Lamp Review (Updated 2022)

Adesso Maui Arc Floor Lamp Review

The Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Floor Lamp is a piece of island-inspired lighting equipment that will add a pure, natural tone to your home decor. Its long, knitted design gives overhead lighting. The lamp consists of three barrel-shaped lanterns made of exposed gray sticks, designed with a white cloth-like rice paper to provide a warm, … Read more

Archiology Arc Floor Lamp Review (Updated 2022)

Archiology Arc Floor Lamp Review

A great floor lamp can turn a dim corner of a room into a very attractive place to read, relax or work. If you are looking for a floor lamp for a large room with taller ceilings, we recommended the Archiology Arc Floor Lamp as the best choice for you. This floor lamp is more … Read more

Ikea HEKTAR Floor Lamp Review

Ikea HEKTAR Floor Lamp Review

Ikea HEKTAR Floor Lamp Review, do you want to know about that and buy it? We have the best answer for you. We realize that turning on the lounge lights in the middle of the night is not appropriate for everyone. During this time, the lights can disturb the rest of the family. In the … Read more