Ikea HEKTAR Floor Lamp Review

Ikea HEKTAR Floor Lamp Review, do you want to know about that and buy it? We have the best answer for you.

We realize that turning on the lounge lights in the middle of the night is not appropriate for everyone. During this time, the lights can disturb the rest of the family. In the present situation, using a floor lamp is a good option since it provides light in a limited area (where you are sitting).

I know you have a question, which floor lamp is best for this situation? So here’s your answer IKEA HEKTAR Floor Lamp, is one of the best floor lamps that meet your need. If you want to know more about this item, take a look at the below.

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Ikea HEKTAR Floor Lamp Review

Ikea HEKTAR Floor Lamp Review

Finding the perfect floor lamp to match the style of your studio can be a challenge. In this case, the IKEA floor lamp (with its versatile design) is the best choice. The lamp features three different spots of illumination. From the perspective of design, the lamp features an oversized metal shape, making it a perfect choice for the studio and factory.

A rustic and unified design characterizes the appearance of this floor lamp. This floor lamp has several light heads so that you can use it as a reading lamp as well as an uplight. As well, the floor lamp can be adjusted to match the user’s lighting needs. OLA WIHLBORG, one of the masters in the field, is the man behind this lamp.

It is necessary to purchase light bulbs separately. In addition, IKEA offers LED bulbs E12 400 lumen chandelier opal white (3 pcs). That’s good to know. Opal light bulbs are suitable for lampshades or lamps that need even, diffused light distribution.

If your lampshade or lamp has a perforated or cut-out pattern or has another airy, open design, and you want the light to bounce off the walls and ceiling, use a clear light bulb. A lamp in the same series may also be completed with another lamp in the same series.

As the base of the HEKTAR is heavy, it keeps it from tipping over; whether kids or pets knock it. This makes it an excellent choice for living rooms, kids’ rooms, or college dorms. In addition, this product’s tall, compact dimensions make it an excellent fit for any room, saving floor space and remaining durable at the same time.


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How can you ensure that all the bulbs do not turn on simultaneously?

Answer: Not at all. The lamp can only be turned one way. To remove bulbs that you do not wish to use, unscrew them. Alternatively, you can lower the brightness.

Is the lamp powerful enough to light a small bedroom on its own?

Answer: Despite being pivotable, the heads cannot extend straight out of the arms, and so as to light up a whole room, they are not able to point in a sideways fashion.

Does the light have a specific color temperature?

Answer: It’s a pleasant warm reading light, which I’m sitting under right now without any other lights on in the room. You can dim it in three ways. First, I replaced an unsightly overhead fluorescent light. There’s no way to explain it as cool-colored light!


I hope all the information that you get from the Ikea HEKTAR floor lamp about this item is helpful for you. It is true that IKEA floor lamps are very alluring and can completely change the atmosphere of any room. This Ikea HEKTAR floor lamp fits well with the ambiance and theme of your home, so if you’ve been eyeing them for a long time, this could be a great choice for you.