Hueliv Wifi LED Floor Lamp Review (Updated 2022)

Introducing the Hueliv smart wifi LED floor lamp. This floor lamp is the perfect combination of elegant and stylish functions. It allows you to create the ideal lighting environment in any room with the latest facility of smart technology.

You can choose different lighting tones to suit your time of day and your mood. This floor lamp can also be voice-controlled with Amazon Alexa, Echo, and Google home or using an intelligent life app on your smartphone.

With over 16 million colors and eight scenes, you have an unlimited color choice option.

You can create a custom scene and even choose your multi-color mode.

As you know, home automation has never been so comfortable.

Here we start the review of this floor lamp with some important specifications.

Hueliv Wifi LED Floor Lamp Review

Smart control feature:

Hueliv Wifi LED Floor Lamp ReviewThe smart control function makes this floor lamp unique. Using the smart app and by touch or voice, you can control this unique floor lamp. As you can see, this floor lamp has two buttons on the pole. With these two buttons, you can select the color, control the brightness, and also switch to this floor lamp.

This floor lamp has many hidden functions inside.

This floor lamp has sixty million colors and eight scenes. You can set a different setting in a different situation. It works with Alexa, Echo, and also Google Home.


This floor lamp only supports 2.4 GHz wifi, so do not use it with a 5.0Ghz wifi network.

Bright and Timing function:

The max lumen of the floor lamp is up to 2000. You can also adjust the brightness of the floor lamp as you prefer You can set the maximum brightness according to your needs.

The use of advanced LED chip technology means more power saving. Its life is longer than a regular bulb. This floor lamp is based on an energy-saving design, so you can also set the floor lamp’s time so that it will turn off automatically when you fall asleep.

Adjustable head and stable base:

The head of this floor lamp can be adjusted up and down 30% degrees. The upgraded base weighs 2.2 kg, which makes it more stable. Its weight base and sturdy design make it safe to move around and around children and pets as it will not tip easily. The cord is 190 cm (including power adapter wire and lamp extension card.)

Floor lamps have a memory function. When you turn it on, it holds its illumination and color, when the last time you switch it off.

Modern style and Space-saving:

The smart wifi floor lamp is designed in a simple and modern style. This beautiful floor lamp is fit for the bedroom, reading room, living room, or offices. You can place it under a sofa, or a swaying, reading chair, which saves more space.

Easy to install:

HueLive floor lamps have been optimized for easy installation. When you are pairing a lamp, please choose Fast Blink (0.5 sec/time). It is recommended that this will be done in EZ mode instead of AP mode.


  • Wattage: 25W
  • Dimension: ∅9.8x66in
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Color Temperature: 2700K-6500K
  • Max Luminous Flux: 2000lm
  • Beam Angle: 160 deg
  • Controlled By: Voice/App/Touch
  • Color: 2700K-6500K White + RGB
  • Material: Plastic; Cast iron hardware
  • Smart control
  • Timing function
  • Adjustable head
  • Modern style and space-saving
  • Easy to install
  • Corded electric power source
  • Plastic shade material
  • LED light
  • Steel frame

This is what users have to say about this floor lamp.


  • Smart control with an app, voice, and touch
  • LED chip technology
  • Memory function
  • Power cord length of 190cm


  • Don’t definable
  • Some complaints about-turn on/off
  • Some complaints about App connection



In addition to on / off in the final settings, how can you create a dedicated button on Smart Smart Life or Alexa for specific scenes or colors?

Set up a routine in Alexa. Just create a new pattern, name the design, add a smart life item to the routine, find the lamp, and set all the options.

Do we create a light angle in any direction, or is it straight towards the roof?

The top of the floor lamp can be adjusted up and down between 30 angles.

How many dimmable levels are in it?

The level of the dim slider (via the app) is 100. But to imitate the rising sun, I am not aware of any function to increase the brightness between any two levels from time to time.

Our recommendation:

In my opinion, this floor lamp would be the best choice for you because it has many features inside.

Hueliv is the most fantastic floor lamp; due to its smart control features. This floor lamp makes your life easy; with an intelligent life app, you can control this floor lamp’s light or color schemes.

If you don’t want to leave your warm bed turn on/off this floor lamp, connect it with Google, Alexa, or Echo, and turn it on/off.

This floor lamp comes in 16 million colors and also with eight scenes. You can choose a different scene in a different situation, especially when you read books, work, and have leisure time.

Its weight base and sturdy design make it safe to move around and around children and pets as it will not tip easily.