How To Fix A Floor Lamp? Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips

When a lamp stops working and you think about how to fix a floor lamp, there are usually two reasons for this problem: a dirty socket or an ugly cord. Since both of those issues involve the lamp’s dismemberment, it knows to replace both items. This may eliminate the likelihood of replacing one part, only to possess the matter to be the part that wasn’t returned. Replacement sockets and cords are often purchased at most home stores for around $10 for both, consistent with 2010 prices.

How to fix a floor lamp? 8 simple steps for fixing

Step 1

To fix your bright floor lamp, remove the shadow or top of the ground lamp. Usually, there is a patch that is shaded; If there is an empty glass on top of the lamp, there is a nut around the socket. Remove the sunlight bulb from the socket. Loosen the nut and remove the shade or shelter.

Step 2

Lay the floor lamp down on the ground to form it more comfortable to figure on.

Step 3

Unscrew the collar around the socket. On some models, there might not be a collar around the socket. The thing is to require off whatever needs removing to permit the socket to be pulled loose. The knob that turns the sunshine off will need to be unscrewed before the socket is often removed.

Step 4

Pull the socket up and slide the outer sleeve off to reveal the two wires that hook up with the socket.

Step 5

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the socket.

Step 6

Remove rock bottom on the bottom of the lamp and untie any knots within the cord. This knot is to ensure that if the cable gets pulled, it’ll not damage the socket’s connection.

Step 7

Pull the cord out of the rock bottom of the bottom.

Step 8

Install the new cord and socket by reversing the steps wont to remove the old ones.

Now it’s time to check your floor lamp; if it’s working, congratulate you on completing your task. And take advantage of the most light from the floor lamp.


How to fix a wobbly floor lamp?

How to fix a wobbly floor lamp?

With the daily use of a floor lamp, the floor lamp’s mechanical attachment can be loosened. And your lamp can become wobbly.

You can easily fix your wobbly floor lamp, following these steps.

Let’s start:

step 1

First, remove the plug and light bulb and also the shade if you don’t want to damage them. Turn the lamp to reach the base of the floor lamp. The lamp’s base is normally covered with felt material to protect the furniture from scratches. Use the sharp tip of your scissor to make a hole in your floor lamp base. Remove the bottom to get the approach to the thread, cable, and the nut that hold the floor lamp together.

step 2

Check the light holder screw that on the top of the floor lamp is safe or not? If necessary, stiffen it with an adjustable wrench. Do not exceed the limit, as this may break the ceramic or glass floor lamp. Stiffen the bottom’s nut on the threaded cable under the floor lamp.

step 3

Reattach the lamp base again. It would be best if you used hot glue to attach the base again from the floor lamp. Now your wobbly floor lamp is able to illuminate your bedroom, darkroom, etc.

How to pack a floor lamp for moving?

How to pack a floor lamp for moving?

Learn How to Pack Lamps for Moving

Lamps are uniquely shaped objects making it harder to seek out the proper size or shaped box for packing and moving. The floor Lamp Box is the better solution to handling and protecting your floor lamps. This specialty box was created to supply support and protection to fragile lamps and other similarly shaped objects.

The way to Safely Pack a floor Lamp for a Move

  1. Prepare your floor lamp by removing the bulb and shade. Once removed, wrap the electrical cord, plug around the base, and tuck it into itself to stop the line from unraveling.

2. You’ll use several different protective supplies to supply extra protection for your lamp. for instance, use  Enviro-bubble to wrap the bottom of the lamp and packing tape to secure the wrap in situ.

3. Place lamp base within the box upright. Fill within the box round the lamp with packing peanuts or furniture pads to assist prevent the lamp from shifting within the box during the transport.

4. Seal the box with packing tape and make sure to label “this end up” and “fragile.”

This box will delay to 65 pounds, measures 12″ x 12″ x 40″ (W x L x H), and meets UPS shipping requirements. You can’t buy the same products with the same account.