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Introduction of Floor Lamps

Introduction of Floor LampsFloor lamps are tall standing lamps that are specially designed to stand on the floor. It can be an attention-grabbing item because of its height. So, you’ll surely want to pay attention to its material, and the design of the best floor lamps will definitely succeed in attracting you.

The floor lamp is a light source that can almost used in any room. They are located in such a place so that the entire room illuminates. A tall vertical pole supports the lamp in order in which light arrives above the people sitting around.

These lamps are not only functional, but they also influence the room’s mood as a whole. Using a Floor lamp will make your room more attractive and glare than a standard bulb.

These are a few standard design characteristics that include in every floor lamp.

  • Floor lamps give light to an individual sitting anywhere in a particular direction.
  • The characteristic of its long pole is that it illuminates the entire room without bothering the eyes.
  • It has a couple of switches so that you can control the custom-made lighting as you desire.
  • You will find just one or more lamp sockets and LED bulbs over the lamp pole that provides light.
  • Around the bulb or slightly above the floor lamp, here’s a distinctive kind of lampshade that protects your eyes from glare.

General use of floor lamps

General use of floor lamps
Floor lamps have been a traditional way of scattering light in a room that has been very popular for many years. With the help of floor lamps, many designs of this technology have come into the market. Such as fluorescent floor lamps, halogen floor lamps, and led floor lamps.

Floor lamps are often placed in the corner of the room or behind the seating area because the high light is useful for performing activities like reading books, writing, etc. Floor lamps are often double the book reading lamps’ size, so now reading lamps based on similar designs are being made exclusively.

Size of floor lamps

Floor lamps can be as long as 4 feet or more from the ground. They are also known as tall standing lamps because they are quite tall, slightly taller than the average person, or slightly shorter than an average person.

Typically, an average floor lamp can be up to 50-60 inches long in height, i.e., 5 to 6 feet. Some floor lamps are even shorter such as reading lamps and pharmacy lamps because they are usually designed to glare the seated area.

1)     Short floor lamps consist of floor reading lamps and pharmacy lamps. These are usually designed to shade above the shoulder height when seated. A pharmacy lamp might be used with a desk. Same as a reading lamp might be used with a couch or armchair.

2)     Average floor lamps may be at around 5 or 6 feet in height. While standing, its shade is usually around eye level.

3)     Tall floor lamps are maybe 6-7 feet or even oversized 8 feet tall. Due to their more considerable height, their proportions can also be more extensive, which will be very useful for any large room. Tall floor lamps are quite often larger, like torchiere floor lamps that usually intend to light upwards like a torch.

How floor lamp directs the light

Many floor lamps use different kinds of light bulbs. In modern technology, most floor lamps use LED bulbs or individual LED light elements. When a lamp emits light, the light can be manipulated in a few different ways:

The lampshade is used in shaping light, filtering, and direct transfer. The upper and lower part of the lampshade features an opening and has walls around it. These walls control the shadows of light. There is a light on both sides, which illuminates the room and same time enhances the beauty of the room. The lampshade also plays an essential role in protecting the eyes.

Glass shades and reflectors control most of the light, and the mirror plans it in one direction. They can also be made of plastic and many other materials. The shade works as a reflector to leap as lighter as possible, either upwards or downwards.

Floor lamp arms may be included, which is its main feature. For example, reading lamps and pharmacy lamps have a shade covering the light bulb’s topside and reflect all of the light downwards to the seated area.

Top 10 Best Floor Lamps In 2021





31XK2JdSDiL. SL500

Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp

Rice paper shade gives a soft mood light. 9 inches long cord allows to easily plug-in at any outlet

41 tbsmXJkL. SL500

HueLiv wifi LED floor lamp

Smart control with an app, voice, and touch. LED chip technology

51Rpvumqs1L. SL500

CHIPHY standing floor Lamp

Dimmable brightness. Comes with UL certificate. 2.4Ghz remote controller

316t8kD bVL. SL500

JOOFO Sky LED floor lamp

30w/2400LM sky LED modern light. Safe and durable. Eyes caring

41iuiWwi4bL. SL500

Dodocool multi-functional LED floor lamp

2-in-1 floor and desk lamp. Soft and eye caring light. Adjustable height and gooseneck

61oig9WA7PL. AC SL1500

Archiology Arc floor lamp

3-year warranty. Modern design. Metal body frame

318RumJ1w9L. SL500

Wellwerks LED metal floor lamp

68.8 inches high. Dual operation mode. 5 level of brightness

217G8lyy6LL. SL500

DEEPLITE standing floor lamp

E26 bulb socket. Comes with metal frame. 3-year warranty

31anq7npFLL. SL500

Adesso Maui Arc floor lamp

82 inches height. On/off rotary switch. Antique bronze finish design

21SiA chvbL. SL500

Kenroy home rustic floor lamp

Scavo glass shade. 150-watt and one 60-watt bulb. Four-way socket switch

The best floor lamps will add the ultimate touch to your lounge, office, and home and generate a comfortable environment by strategically illuminating the room instead of upstairs.

We’ve chosen 10 of the latest floor lamps, from present designs to more traditional shapes, and from the super playful giant Inglepois to the more important corner lamps.

In this article, you can get the best guideline about the best floor lamps suitable for your home and office.

So let’s take a look.

1. Ikea Holmo Floor Lamp


Ikea is known for its sleek, sophisticated, and affordable design. This is an excellent example of that. Longer versions of this design and different shapes are also available. If you are looking for a small, incredible lamp to illuminate a dark corner of a room, at a low price, or if you want to see a unique atmosphere, Holmo is your lamp (no hints allowed) do not have).

This Ikea floor lamp comes with a simple, efficient, and attractive design that fits with modern or selective interior design, but not for traditional-era decoration.

This is a great design for illuminating a dim part of a room or as a mood light to enhance the room’s atmosphere.


  • Rice paper shade gives a soft mood light
  • inches long cord allows to easily plug-in at any outlet
  • Inexpensive


  • Does not come with a bulb


How to clean this lamp?

If the shade gets dirty, the only way to clean/dust it off would be a soft duster or feather flag. You won’t be able to use a wet cloth made of paper or spray on it and spoil it. On the other hand, it is advisable to clean with a damp cloth and spray coating.

What is the maximum bulb?

The maximum is 75, but I put a CFR of 15 watts equal to 60, and it is very bright! I’m going to look for something less bright for that.

Is the lamp bright enough to light the bedroom itself?

It will depend on the light bulb that is used. It is made of paper, so with a 75w bulb, it will be bright enough to be used as the original source of light.

2. HueLiv super-bright wifi LED Floor Lamp

41 tbsmXJkL. SL500


The Hueliv smart floor lamp can be controlled via voice, app, and touch. There are two buttons on the pole. You can switch, select colors, and change the brightness. You can also control it through the app Smart Life. There is more work to be done. There are 16 million colors and eight scenes. You can set different scenes in different situations.

The head of this floor lamp can be adjusted up and down 30%. The upgraded base weighs 2.2kg, which makes it more stable.

Do you often forget to turn off the lights when you sleep?

This floor lamp has a timing function so that you can set off time. It will close automatically.

Smart wifi Floor Lamp is designed with simple and modern styling, more beautiful, suitable for bedroom, reading room, living room or office.

This floor lamp has been improved for easy installation.


  • Smart control with an app, voice, and touch
  • LED chip technology
  • Memory function
  • Power cord length of 190cm


  • Don’t definable
  • Some complaints about-turn on/off
  • Some complaints about App connection


Can all lighting options be performed manually without using an app or wifi? 

There are two buttons on the lamp itself. Powers the on/off button at the top. Each time you press the color button below, you have to move it to a different color.

You’re able to do as much as you want with the app, but yes, it has buttons on the lamp as a flop safe when you’re out of wifi.

Can you use it with an android phone?

Yes, the Smart Floor Lamp not only works with Android phones. It also works with the iPhone.

When you turn on the power via smart plug, does it remember your last configuration?

Yes, it has a memory function; when you turn it on, it sticks to the brightness and color the last time you close your eyes.

3. CHIPHY standing floor Lamp

51Rpvumqs1L. SL500


This Floor lamp comes with smart bulbs, which have ten levels of brightness control and color temperature.

It can also add some softness to your darkroom while watching TV or talking.

The remote range is 15 meters. You do not have to leave your warm bed to turn off the lights. The 2.4GHz controller can control two smart bulbs of standing light simultaneously or separately. It also has a timer. There are two options: 30/60 minutes.

The two 12W lamp bulbs offer a pleasant warm white light (2700K) for your room. The light shines soft and gentle. The room lamp quietly complements your room with its delicate shape—key product features.

You can easily assemble the fabric lamp according to the step-by-step instructions. 

(Notice: Follow the instructions slowly and carefully).

Energy-saving bulbs can work up to 50,000 hours and are also environmentally friendly.

The corner lamp is made of fabric and has UL certification. It’s light and easy. When the lamp goes down, it does not hurt your children or pets.


  • Dimmable brightness
  • Comes with an UL certificate
  • 2.4Ghz remote controller
  • Fabric frame


  • Some complaints about the remote control


What is the range of remote?

The range of the remote is 15 meters. This floor lamp is not required to leave a warm bed to turn the lamp off.

Is this floor lamp has a warm white light?

The two 12W lamp bulbs offer a pleasant warm white light (2700K) for your room. The light shines soft and gentle.

4. Joofo Sky LED floor lamp

316t8kD bVL. SL500


This floor lamp comes with high brightness, and low heat LED advanced technology. Due to acrylic material, this floor lamp will not heat up when you use it long-term.

Joofo floor lamps have three white, natural white, and cool white light, step by step, bright brightness adjustment, and three adjustable color temperature settings from 3000K to 5000K. It remembers your settings between use and when power is interrupted.

The base is too heavy. Safe for your baby and pet. The basis for providing good stability from falling, which can ensure safety and stability. And save space design, you can put it under your sofa or narrow corner.

Due to remote control, you can easily handle this floor lamp without leaving the sofa and warm bed.


  • 30w/2400LM sky LED modern light
  • Safe and durable
  • Eyes caring
  • 4 step touch control panel
  • 10m remote distance


  • Some complaints about remote control


Is the natural/warm white color setting like daylight?

There are three settings for the light color. One daylight is 5000K. One is about 4000K. Warm light is like the last warm light. Maybe 2700K.

Is this floor lamp is perfect for a large room?

It depends – if you mean bright things don’t travel and there is no general light, yes. If you clearly mean that you can read on the other side of the large room, no. With 14 ‘violet ceilings, cream-colored walls, it effectively illuminated the approximately 12’x12’ space.

5. Dodocool multi-functional LED floor lamp

41iuiWwi4bL. SL500


Floor lamps are great for reading games or sleeping. Durable, durable, and aesthetic, with high-quality metal material, illuminate your room, bedroom, study room, office, children’s room, or college dormitory.

Timing features

Double click on the switch for the first time, indicator light flash (10 minutes rest mode and automatic shutdown), double click on the switch for the second time, indicator light slow flash (40 minutes rest mode and automatic shutdown). Double click again to turn off the feature.

The LED office lamp does not flicker when you turn it on. Soft, delicate light creates a relaxing reading experience and does not tire your eyes even after prolonged use, whether for work, study, or crafts.

This floor lamp comes with four color temperatures, perfect for reading, relaxing, and bedtime. This floor lamp’s main feature is a 12-watt power-saving LED bulb with a 20-year life.


  • 2-in-1 floor and desk lamp
  • Soft and eye caring light
  • Adjustable height and gooseneck
  • Four colors temperatures


  • The construction is very delicate.
  • The dimmer is not very user-friendly.


How can you change the temperature of the lamp?

You slide your hand over the sensor on the lamp area. It sometimes argues with you, but you learn. This last sequence is remembered when turned off.

What kind of light bulb is used? Is it easy to change them?

Energy-saving: This lamp has 8 watts of energy-saving LED lights and 50,000 hours of service life. This bulb cannot be replaced.

How does this light use the timing function?

I’ve read the instructions, I’ve tried, and it’s elementary. Double click on the switch the first time, the indicator light flashes (10 minutes rest mode and turn off automatically) touch the second time switch to touch, the second time the indicator light slowly flashes, (10 minutes Study mode and automatic shutdown (down).

6. Archiology Arc floor lamp

61oig9WA7PL. AC SL1500


This floor lamp comes with a curve and mid-century modern style. The antique brass surface of the floor lamp and the classic curved design make it the centerpiece of any modern bedroom, living room, and home office.

The power-saving LED bulbs save your electricity and increase the life of the bulb.

This floor lamp comes with a strong metal body and is heavy-based for stability. You can not easily tip over this item.

The main function of this floor lamp is that it comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Whether it’s standing in a living room adjoining a sofa or accenting your bedroom, this lamp gives your home a long-lasting, mid-century modern look.


  • 3-year warranty
  • Modern design
  • Metal body frame
  • LED power-saving bulbs


  • Some complaints about light
  • Little bit expensive


Is the head/dome tilted or in place?

The head stays in place. The bulb screw enters at the top, which secures the head/dome to stay in place.

How far is it from the center of the pole to the center of the bulb?

It’s about 34 by 34 inches from the straight pole to the center of the bulb.

What is the diameter of the base?

The base is about 12 “in diameter.

7. Wellwerks Super bright LED metal floor lamp

318RumJ1w9L. SL500


The bright standing lamp offers five settings of the fireplace and four color temperatures suitable for all room styles; you get the best lighting mode that suits your needs. This floor lamp comes with a unique design, and you can easily adjust the color mode and temperature.

The wobble-free design and heavy base make it safe when around the children.

Energy-saving LED bulbs are rated for 50,000 hours, so you’ll never need to replace a bulb, which is more durable than burning or incandescent lamps.

This lamp is about 68.8 inches high, with a heavy base that keeps it stable and will not tip easily; you can move wherever you want to light.

Remote control and easy step switch. You can easily tap the light with your feet by using the pedal switch on / off.


  • 68.8 inches high
  • Dual operation mode
  • 5 level of brightness
  • Fabric material


  • Remote is convenient
  • Some complaints about the dim light


What is the shape of the lampshade? Is it purely a cylinder?

Yes, it is completely cylindrical. It comes with two circular wires and a mat that needs to work with velcro on the top and bottom wire.

Can the light on this lamp be dim?

Yes, both the lights have changed to change the light’s color, and it can be dimmed.

How long will the bulb last? Can I replace the second light bulb? 

It will continue for a long time. Other You can replace the other bulb, but the remote control cannot control the other bulb.

8. DEEPLITE standing floor lamp

217G8lyy6LL. SL500


DEEPLITE LED floor lamp includes 2 E26 bulb sockets; you can install a maximum of 60W x 2 or 100W x 1 bulb (bulb not included). They control the two bridges independently via a chain switch so that you can install different watts or different colored bulbs for floor lighting.

Turn on both when you need bright light to read, work, and prepare, or turn on one when you need ambient light for relaxation.

Both LED, and incandescent bulbs can be used on this standing lamp as long as they do not meet the maximum wattage requirement. You can even put a warm white bulb with light in a day. We recommend using 9 to 15 watt LED bulbs on this standing pole light; they provide more lemons and save more energy—key Product Features.

The whole body includes the stem, base, and bridge chain.


  • E26 bulb socket
  • Comes with metal frame
  • 3-year warranty


  • Some complaints about the lampshade


Can an incandescent bulb be used in this lamp?

Yes, but please remember that when your bulb is a 3V bulb, it only works for a three tripod floor lamp, a three-way dimmer switch, or is it just a normal lamp.

Can we put two 100 watt light bulbs in this floor lamp?

This lamp has 2 E26 bulb sockets; you can install a maximum of 60W x 2 or 100W x 1 bulbs, as the 2 2 x 100w bulbs for this lamp can be hotter.

What is the lampshade measure?

The lampshade measures 16 ” in width and 10 ” in height (diameter: 16 * 16 * 10), and its shadow is wrapped, and you need to pull it over the shaded edge and the pole. The pieces have to be tightened—base and bulb socket.

9. Adesso Maui Arc floor lamp

31anq7npFLL. SL500


The Adesso 4026-26 Maui Arc Floor Lamp is an island-inspired lighting fixture that will add a simple, natural tone to your home decor.

Its long, ornate design provides overhead lighting. The lamp consists of three barrel-shaped lanterns made of exposed brown sticks, arranged with a white cloth-like rice paper to provide a warm, bright light.

A simple and prominent rotary switch on the pole. The lamp has a black cord and is compatible with smart outlets. Bulb not included.

Floor lamps are the best natural solution for lighting around urban affected pool areas or any residential area with a natural vibe.


  • 82 inches height
  • On/off rotary switch
  • Antique bronze finish design


  • Some complaints about wiring


Is each light 50 watts? Is it bright enough to light a room?

There is a maximum of 60 watts each. It’s too bright. I don’t think it’s bright enough to light up the family room on its own, but it’s much brighter than your standard accent.

Can a 60-watt equivalent LED bulb be used in this floor lamp?

Yes, you can use * more * using a 60-watt equivalent LED bulb, as it can take up full light per 60 lights. It will, in fact, accept a standard LED bulb.

Which shades are made, and are they bronze or light?

The shadows are made of brown sticks, like a fabric of white rice paper. This fact is the color of brass.

10. Kenroy home rustic floor lamp

21SiA chvbL. SL500


This floor lamp has a unique design that increases your home or office beauty.

The 14-inch diameter Scavo glass shade provides a vibrant and calm light, while the bonus reading light provides the best light for curling with a good book on a comfortable chair.

The 3-way switch allows each light or both to run independently at the same time with a simple twist of a switch.

Both floor lamps and table lamps include a 3-way socket switch, allowing easy transition between ambient and room-filled lighting with high, medium, and low light configurations.


  • Scavo glass shade
  • 150-watt and one 60-watt bulb
  • Four-way socket switch


  • Little bit expensive


Would this be a good reading lamp?

The 3-way bulb allows me to read easily using medium or high settings.

Easy to assemble; Sounds great and works.

Is the “son lamp” arm flexible?

No, the arm is not flexible. The arm attached to the lamp rotates about 300 degrees and swings 90 degrees horizontally, pointing downwards.

Is it possible to use different shades with it?

Yes, it would be easy to change the shade. It sits on a bracket structure that is fastened with a final over the bulb. This shade has three metal trunks that go from shade to central circular ring that sits on a screw in the sharpened piece with the final.

Best floor lamp under $50

The floor lamp can decorate your home or office or also lightning up. Some floor lamps are so expensive, and some are cheap. If you have a low budget and want a good floor lamp, please check the below list.

Best Pick

Shelf linen shade floor lamp

61Fj pSS85L. AC SL1500

  • Pull-chain on/off switch
  • Three shelves for display
  • Linen shade casts a sof…
Best Pick

JOOFO LED floor lamp

61QpFPR8tKL. AC SL1500

  • Fabric frame
  • 9-watt LED bulb with three colors temperature mood
  • Pull chain turns on/off
Best Pick

LF2007 nickel metal floor lamp

61XoUP38b6L. AC SL1500

  • 3-lights
  • Traditional style
  • Corded electric power…

Best floor lamp under $75

While you can spend a fortune on floor lamps, you don’t need them. There are a lot of floor lamps under $75. They are really good and very budget-friendly. Check them out.

Best Pick

CHIPHY dimmable floor lamp

61KhQAWgiNL. AC SL1500

  • 12-watt energy-saving b…
  • Soft and warm light
  • 50000 hours service lif…
Best Pick

18-watt wing shade floor lamp

  • Multipurpose light
  • Plastic and metal frame…
  • Adjustable neck
Best Pick

Addlon hanging glass floor lamp

61lhIn4hwAL. AC SL1500

  • Modern design
  • Power-saving LED bulb…
  • Weighted base

Best floor lamp under $100

While you can spend a fortune on floor lamps, you don’t need them. There are a lot of floor lamps under $100. They are really good and very budget-friendly. Check them out.

Best Pick

Amumo floor lamp

61p6B7iFOnL. AC SL1500

  • E26, 3 LED bulbs
  • Fabric and steel frame
  • Collapsible linen shade
Best Pick

Modern LED Arc Floor Lamp

61IpSmAg4bL. AC SL1500

  • floor rocker switch
  • 110V bulb
  • 50 watt type E26 base
Best Pick

Oneach Roland floor lamp

  • The white frosted glass
  • 4-way rotary switch
  • 40-watt reading light

Final word


How to select the floor lamp?

If you want to buy a floor lamp, follow these easy steps to make your selection easier.


Perhaps the most important consideration you need is the size of the floor lamp. Large, rugged pieces like arc floor lamps look their best in large spaces and look strange in a small lounge.

If you have a small space, consider taking several small floor lamps and placing beds in the room’s corner. They don’t have to match everyone. Combining and matching floor lamps with table lamps will make your lounge more comfortable, while only floor lamps will make the room more formal.


Most floor lamps are made of a combination of metal base and fabric shade. We recommend choosing floor lamps that are genuine fabric, whether it is cotton or polyester. Avoid plastic pants as they may look cheap. To give your lounge a contemporary or industrial look, choose metal floor lamps.