The 5 Best Red Night Lights For A Good Night’s Sleep (2022)

According to the latest research, the red light is more comfortable and relaxing for sleep than the other lights.  Light in the amber to red spectrum has proven to be beneficial for restoring our natural sleep pattern. Our bodies have adapted to relax and sleep by its low color temperature, mimicking the sunset. Using electric devices like mobile, computers, etc., all over the day does not have pay good impact on our sight. As a result, devices producing blue light keep us awake longer, decreasing serotonin synthesis. The red light is beneficial to take a complete sleep after a hectic day for a fresh morning.

But now you have a question in mind, which red light is best for you? So here it will tell you about the best red light that gives you proper sleep at night.

Is red a good night light?

Red light wavelengths possess the potential to stimulate the production of melatonin. However, despite their ability to revitalize moods and create soothing effects, redly tinted lights don’t emit wavelengths of red light. Therefore, they are unlikely to affect your sleep in the same way. You can also squint and strain to see clearly at night due to bright white light. But, on the other hand, red light doesn’t cause eye strain to see more clearly at night.

Is red light bad for reading?

It won’t damage your eyes long-term, according to most eye doctors. … The fact is, low light reading will not decrease your vision, but it can strain your eyes.

What is red light good for at night?

Melatonin is thought to be produced when wavelengths of red light are present. Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally in your body to help you sleep. Darkness tends to release more melatonin from your brain, while light tends to release less.

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Before choosing the best red light at night there are some facts to keep in mind for their better function.

That is;

1. Color Temperature

After a busy day, proper sleep is essential for a fresh mind. Red light for sleep is better to light as compared to the other lights. For choosing red light, make sure to always go for a low color temperature. The color temperature of the light bulb may be 2000k less than 3000k is better for proper sleep. In another case, you may be affected by insomnia.

2. Timer

If you’re watching television or whatever else just before going to bed, there’s nothing more frustrating than looking for your remote or switch. You can lose a whole night’s sleep if you ruin your drift-off moment. Also, transitioning from dim light to complete darkness must be smooth to prevent disrupting your sleep.

You don’t have to worry about reaching to turn off a red light lamp in the middle of the night when you have a red light lamp with a timer or auto-off feature. A choice of a gradual dimming time or a customize-able turn-off time is available to you.

3. Wakeup light

You are waking up naturally and fresh after a proper sleep is essential for an energetic day. The sleep lamp must have the ability to increase and decrease its brightness and have an alarm that synchronizes with sunrises by getting this unique feature, getting rid of loud alarms to ruin your day. Waking up the sunrise naturally is better for a new and wonderful day.

Now it’s time to know about the best red night light,

So stay tuned with us:

Philips Smart Sleep HF3670_Best Red Night Light


Let’s begin our list with Philips smart sleep HF3670. It comes with a 1500k to 2800k color temperature. This sleep lamp is one of the best lamps in the market and has become very popular among buyers. It is equipped with beautiful features like the sunrise and sunset lightning can be personalized with five different colors, letting you relax with the Relax Breathe feature and enjoy light music before sleeping. In addition, it can analyze noise, light, humidity in the room to give you a comfortable sleep mode.

Furthermore, having the snooze mode is included on the built-in alarm clock in the morning so that you can stretch out your time a bit. It has 2 years warranty. Finally, its light is enough at night to find the way to the bathroom; no other lights are needed.


  • 7- wakeup sounds
  • 25 brightness setting
  • sunset and sunrise simulation
  • comes with mobile phone charging


  • A costly product

Sleep aid red night light

31qh0MDCvYL. SL500


The next one in our light is sleep aid red night Light. It is the perfect lamp at night because its dim light is enough to walk all over the house. It is designed high-quality material; the outer shell is made of polycarbonate to protect it from breaking when it falls. It comes with 2700k and is completely battery-operated once charged. It is possible to control and schedule sleep routines on multiple Glow lights simultaneously with the glow app. It has only one downside that it has no sound option. It has a 30-day trial.


  • Wind-down and wake-up functionality
  • Completely portable
  • Made from durable polycarbonate
  • Touch and motion controls


  • No sound option

Best Sleep and Wake-up Light-Hatch Restore Light

41HuQ HQ9wL. SL500


Hatch restore light has a contemporary design that gives your room a classy look. You can turn on its reading light to read before sleeping and easily avoid harsh blue light. In addition, it has many valuable sound options to choose from for sleeping and waking. It is possible to fall asleep faster and more deeply through breathing and relaxation; this is found in this floor lamp. A sunrise coupled with your favorite sound will wake you up when you set the alarm via the app. It comes with simple touch control and 60 days trial.


  • Sleep and wakeup light
  • many sound options
  • connecting with app


  • Need to access some features

Budget Sleep Lamp-LE LampUX

31C5QuLQR4S. SL500


This lamp is trendy among buyers due to its unique features. For example, it can be controlled by voice command to connected your voice assistant. It also comes with an app to operate it with your phone; your settings are automatically remembered. Finally, you can turn it into a portable light when you combine it with a power bank. The color temperature of this lamp is 2000k to 5700k. It has an enormous color range of 16 million. One downside about this lamp is it is poor to connected with Wi-Fi connection.


  • 16 million colors
  • Touch controls
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant
  • It comes with a companion app


  • Poor in Wi-Fi connection

Best Red Light and Day alight-SomniLight

21kfzEnN6cL. SL500


An affordable and flexible night light, this is a good option. Featuring a color temperature lower than 2000K, the warm evening mode of SomniLight is excellent for reading before bedtime. As well as supporting the process of falling asleep, there is an additional red night light in the base.

When you turn on the 6000K wake-up mode, you see the color temperature of the rising sun to get you out of bed and stay awake. A lamp like this can be used as a natural light source if you need a red light. This lamp is even more budget-friendly because the LED bulb lasts for four years. Its only negative point is that it has to be constantly switched on and off. There is no automatic dimming or turning off with SomniLight.


  • Amber, full-spectrum, and wake-up mode
  • 6000K rated daylight lamp
  • Three brightness settings
  • Simple touch controls


  • issues in Wi-Fi connection
  • Not automatically dimming or turning off

4 ways a red light can help you sleep

As I described early, red light provides you with a comfortable and relaxing sleep compared to other harsh lights. However, there are a few ways described here that red light can give you a peaceful night.

Natural Body Rhythm

The circadian rhythm governs all humans’ body clocks, which determines when it is time to sleep. Around 12 months of age, the circadian rhythm becomes more sophisticated. This hormone guides the body’s natural method of becoming tired. For example, the brain signals the body when it starts to become dark outside by producing melatonin.


The pineal gland produces the sleep hormone, which has a direct effect on alertness from birth. In addition, there has been evidence that it affects sleep quality, blood pressure, glucose levels, and the body’s ability to balance body temperature and blood pressure worldwide. Melatonin production is increased by red light.

Muscles Relaxation

Due to melatonin, muscles relaxation is increased, which is very beneficial for natural sleep.

As Scientific

Light therapy has been the subject of more than 4000 published medical studies, which prove its effectiveness as a healing instrument. Nevertheless, red light has unique wavelength frequencies that set it apart from other light colors. As a result, many physiologists recommended red light for sleep.


In this article, every lamp is described in detail. Every sleep lamp is beneficial for buying, but I recommend the Philips HF3670. This lamp is excellent in every manner due to its unique features. It is a bit costly but very worth it.

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