Top 10 Best reading floor lamp reviews in 2022

If you want to protect your eyes from stress, you need the best floor lamp for reading while reading the books. Of course, the light bulb you use will impact some of this (the brighter the light, the less stress on your eyes), but having a good reading lamp can also make a big difference.

When you want to buy a floor lamp for reading, then you need to keep your eye on some main features. First of all, look at the floor lamp, which has adjusted height and adjusted neck; these features are essential points. Depending on the time and font size of the book or the time of day, you may need to adjust how your lamp is positioned in a reading spot.

Pick a lamp that offers a variety of brightness settings. When you read during different times of the day, when the sun may not be shining a lot, it will come in handy. If your eyesight is better some days than others, you’ll need to adjust the brightness settings accordingly.

It’s possible to find a floor lamp that sports a remote control, so you can adjust the level of brightness without leaving the comfy reading nook.

The last thing you should consider is your own personal style. Do you need an inconspicuous design with a sturdy, minimalist feel? Could a durable lamp make of brass or stainless steel better fit your decor needs? 

Here are some questions you should answer.

Here is our list of the best reading floor lamp reviews:

But first, take a look on our

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Brightech Litespane LED floor lamp

An LED lighting fixture is built into the lamp, producing 2000 lumens of light. You can adjust the brightness of this lamp.


The LED bulb in this lamp is not only long-lasting, but it also comes with an Optix lens that reduces glare. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent feature for people who read a lot or work long hours.

Imigy Floor Lamp

This lamp’s best and remarkable feature is twenty-five lightning options, five brightness levels, and five color temperatures. It is important to have the right type of lighting when performing different tasks.

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So stay with me:

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1. Brightech Litespane LED reading floor lamp



Are you looking for an affordable and cheap floor lamp, which is less than $40? Then, you can get this energy-saving floor lamp. Stylish and functional, this modern floor lamp is fit for any room. You can use it in your bedroom, study, or living room as a homework zone. There are five different finishes/colors available, all equally stylish and can fit into any decor.

An LED lighting fixture is built into the lamp, producing 2000 lumens of light. You can adjust the brightness of this lamp to adjust the desired level of light for your room; if not, that much light is needed.

A cluster of diodes, rather than a single bulb, spread the light so the objects under the lamp do not experience glare. The use of a quality diffuser achieves an even more even distribution of light. It is sufficient to have these dimensions.

This floor lamp is easy to use, and you can quickly move this floor lamp. Its adjustable neck makes it easy to direct the light where it is most needed because you can easily adjust it.

This Litespan floor lamp is able to illuminate your sitting area in the living room and table in a study. You can use this floor lamp to read, crochet, knit, and do other crafts while the light is cool white. By using this lamp at night, you can guide your way through the room without using the overhead floodlight.


  • Flexible neck and adjustable height
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to assemble
  • Long-lasting LED lighting that is energy-efficient


  • When the switch is on, it is constantly illuminated, so you may not want total darkness in your room.
  • You have a little difficulty directing screws into the holes. An installation that is quick and stable might require another hand.


What are the dimensions of the light/cover?

Answer: According to my calculations, if you are discussing an area that produces light, it is 7 1/2 inches long, 5 inches wide, and about 1.5 inches thick. Unfortunately, it’s sealed, and the bulb can’t be replaced. However, it should last a very long time.

Is this light intended to reduce eye strain, such as out lighting? Curious BC This light has far better reviews than Outlight.

Answer: The outlet is not LED. Using a fluorescent tube bulb (the only Google Out light bulb) means the light is not that bright, the bulb does not support multi-color, and it only lasts for 10,000 hours, not the standard 50 000 hours for an LED.

LED task lights emit a source of original whole spectrum light, which ranges from 2700 to 6600 nits. As a result, the fluorescent bulb that outlight uses in its lamp differ significantly from any LED lamp. Thus, LED lamps to have better reviews.

Will it light up an entire room?

Answer: There will be plenty of light to light most rooms, but this is a reading lamp meant to guide light to the pages of reading material someplace between two and three feet from the light source. It is very good at.

2. Verilux smart light reading floor lamp

21Yi1diQnzL. SL500


Among the many features of this LED floor lamp is the ability to mimic natural Daylight and adjust the brightness levels and color temperature.

You’re likely to find a reading floor lamp with height and brightness adjustment when you’re shopping. However, for those searching for a good reading floor lamp with multiple uses, the idea of adjusting the temperature from warm to cool is essential.

The gooseneck on this floor lamp is crucial; however, do not let that overshadow it. When using the lamp for extended periods of time, changing the direction of the lighting is essential.

You can, by the way, accomplish that with ease, as the LED bulb explains. Moreover, the LED bulb in this lamp is not only long-lasting, but it also comes with an Optix lens that reduces glare. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent feature for people who read a lot or work long hours.

Some people don’t like the aesthetic feel of this reading floor lamp, although its functionality is very high. It might seem unappealing in particular to own a grey gooseneck. You can pick between white or black, though the overall look is pretty minimal.


  • Comes with a user-friendly touch control panel
  • Adjustable color and brightness level
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • A glare-reducing Optix lens is included in this LED bulb


  • indescribable


Is it possible to use a smart plug to turn this lamp on, or does it automatically turn off when it loses power?

Answer: Smart plugs are not recommended. This electronic might require power all the time, and some LED products may not work with CFLs, depending on how the plugs are connected.

The multitude of different products and wiring may shorten the life of our products or cause performance issues; therefore, we cannot recommend their use with our products.

Can you tell me the lux rating of this lamp?

Answer: There is no lux rating on this lamp because it doesn’t qualify as a therapy lamp. Furthermore, because of the orientation and design of SmartLight lamps, these lamps do not produce the same amount of light intensity as HappyLight lamps.

However, the Verilux HappyLight® Therapy Lamps are the only Verilux lamps suitable for light therapy, even though they are intended for use on desks and floors.

Does this lamp give the same natural light as the older black desk lamp that was so popular for crafts? I love the daylight natural lighting.

Answer: You are right; it is the same type of light. A whole spectrum of light is described as being close in color to natural Daylight. White, bright light is produced by mimicking sunlight.

3. Tiffany style reading floor lamp

51nPAieiVkL. SL500


Are you bored with the minimalist design of floor lamps? Or are you trying to get the old antique romantic design of floor lamps?

If yes, then this floor lamp is best for you. There is something about this lamp that appeals to fantasy fans, with its stained-glass lampshade and rustic bronze tube.

The exciting thing is, what type of bulb do you want to use on it? It’s your own decision because this floor lamp doesn’t come with built-in bulbs. But I always recommend you use LED bulbs because they offer you brightness lighting at a cheap energy level.

But one thing I want to clear; this floor lamp comes with a lot of missing features that are necessary for a good reading lamp. For example, this floor lamp did not allow you to adjust the height of the floor lamp or adjust the brightness level.

In spite of this, the manner in which the lighting is distributed is perfect for one who is reading because of the lamp’s height and the way its shade is positioned.

Moreover, the Tiffany style is sure to give a vintage feel to any room where the lamp is placed. As a final touch, the lighting in the blue and sea-green hues offers a soothing ambiance that is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and cozy reading nooks.

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  • Easy to assemble
  • The base is heavy; not worry about it
  • 4-8w warm white light
  • Adjustable lampshade


  • Metal poles and bases are a horrible greenish color, and the material felt and looked like plastic.
  • The footswitch was light plastic as well.


Are Tiffany lamps still in style?

Can Tiffany-style lamps be considered outdated? There is still popular and widespread use of Tiffany lamps in traditional and modern home decor. Even the lamps themselves come in various styles, including chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, bankers’ lamps, ceiling lights, and pendant lights. 

The design looks fantastic. Are dimmable Edison bulbs compatible with this? 

Answer: A medium-sized, one-light lamp socket is inside the lamp. Lamps of this size are standard on most tables. There is no candelabra involved. There is no information on whether you can use a dimmer for this product. There is some heat coming from the Edison, I think. A vent is located on top. Glass and vent areas get very hot when incandescent bulbs are used.

The lamp would be perfect for me if the switch was different. But, what should I do since I hate footswitches?

Answer: The first-floor switch model I have owned, and I enjoy it. You can tap to turn on, then tap to turn off. Hands or feet can be used. Switches can be hidden by the cord, which is long enough. Throughout the lamp base, there is a light-controlling inline switch in the same color (table version).

4. Jenson Adjustable Brass Reading Floor Lamp

31uFNSB9+6L. SL500


Jenson Adjustable Brass Reading Floor Lamp is a beautiful and demanding lamp in the market that collapses with your furniture to give an elegant look to your house.

Featuring a unique design and a metal body, it possesses an aesthetic look. In addition, this lamp comes with an adjustable height of 45 to 54 inches; there is no worry that the light is too close or too far. Furthermore, its arm is also flexible to adjust the brightness for the specific position you want for study, writing, crafting, and any other tasks.

Its range in wide is 4.9 inches in the base that it has a firm grip on the floor even you can stand it on the carpet comfortably. This lamp is easy to assemble, and it takes a short time to complete.

The downsides of this lamp are; first, its bulb holder is made of plastic, and you use a 60W bulb. Second, you can buy the bulb and dimmer separately because it’s not included with the lamp. But any bulb LED, CFL, incandescent you can use in this lamp.


  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to assemble
  • Antique brass design


  • Bulb holder made from plastic
  • There are no bulbs included


How big is a metal cover for the light dimensions? Would that be great?

This lamp measures 8″L X 5″W X 314″. It has a 17watt LED bulb, 150watt compatible, 3000 Lumens.

What kind of light does this lamp show?

Rather than being a spotlight, it is cozy and extends into the room rather than just sitting there. You can work or read on it. Based on the bulb used, a white or yellow glow will be produced. Philips CFLs run at 100 watts, 1600 lumens and emit a soft, white light, not that harsh grey or blue light.

Will this make a great reading light?

After movers broke my old brass pharmacy reading lamp, I had to buy a new one. As much as I wanted to find a light that had good lighting and was aesthetically pleasing, I couldn’t find it. It was a purchase I made with great trepidation. I am delighted to tell you that it is pretty stylish and excellent for reading. It looked high-end and was assembled seamlessly. A+ for sure.

5. Dimunt Reading LED Floor Lamp

31lPQl E++L. SL500


Dimunt floor lamp provides extended reading light in the living room or bedroom with 112 high brightness LEDs and an arcuated lights design that creates a longer light range. LED tall lamp burning 15 watts instead of halogen lamps burning 100 watts, with a long life of 50000 hours, no bulbs to replace, convenient and energy-saving.

This standing lamp allows you to choose your Lightness level from 10%-100% and has a step-less color temperature range of 3000K-6000K. A remote control is included, and you can also choose from five other customized models. Furthermore, the one-hour time setting function helps your baby fall asleep quickly and feel safe.

Using the remote control (with a range of 32.8/10m), it’s easy to control the floor lamps from your sofa or bed. The perfect color temperature and brightness for reading, working, leisure, breastfeeding, or sleeping are just a mouse click away.

Modern floor lamps are designed to ensure your safety. Children and pets are safe with their weighted bases and sturdy design, as they will not tip easily. Additionally, it does not heat up, so you are not burned when you touch it. Finally, when you have been reading or playing for a long time, a soft, flicker-free light provides you with a relaxing experience.

Brightness and color can be remembered with the memory function. You can adjust the lights to illuminate any object with the soft and rotatable gooseneck perfectly. You don’t need to buy any additional tools or parts to put this together; follow the instructions.


  • Come with remote control and touch panel
  • Weighted base
  • Eye protection
  • Adjustable color


  • Don’t definable


How to match the remote control and the floor lamp?

Answer: Follow the steps below to match the remote control easily

  1. Please unplug the lamp from the wall
  2. Next, make sure that the red indicator light on the remote control is on while you press the power button on the remote control.
  3. The lamp will light up when you plug-in power;
  4. A flashing floor lamp indicates that the remote control has been matched successfully, after which the power button can be released.

Is it bright enough for doing artwork such as painting?

Answer: In addition to handwork, crocheting, and other items, I use mine for artwork. Sometimes I take it with me when I travel. The difference is substantial. Also, it is very user-friendly. The light can be adjusted to almost any angle, and it is bright. In addition to that, the lighting is different and can be dimmed.

Can you keep the light running without it turning itself off?

Answer: There is no need to turn off the lights if you want to keep them running. Furthermore, you can set a timer that will allow it to turn off after an hour.

6. Brightech Eclipse_ Adjustable Super Bright and Dimmable Floor Lamp

31a9RjzYXLL. SL500


If you are looking for a unique design lamp with remarkable features, the Brightech Eclipse Floor Lamp is the best choice. This lamp has two rings, the outer and the inner; the outer ring is 18 inches in diameter, and the inner ring is 14 inches in diameter.

Both rings have LEDs of 2000 lumens. Because the lamp is made with LEDs, it never heats up, nor does the air around it, despite its high intensity. Although it is 3000K or warmer in color, it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere due to the color temperature. You can adjust the ring as you want the light directly in your position. With its dimming feature, you can set the light according to your need from bright to low mode.

Its pole height is 61 inches with a 9 inches base. The lamp has a wide base that gives enough grip on the floor without lying down while having pets or toddlers. This lamp is a space saver, and it adjusts anywhere in your house to accomplish your furnishing. The lamp you are interested in can be used to lighten your room or style it up.


  • Elegant, artistic, colorful, Looks great in any room
  • It’s tall, and it doesn’t give off any glare
  • Complements any room
  • Strong base


  • A wall dimmer switch will not work with this lamp


Is this lamp bright enough for reading?

If you are seated near or directly beneath the lamp, you are well lighted to read on its brightest setting. Despite this, the lamp doesn’t provide direct reading light like a table lamp or desk lamp. Instead, this tall lamp well lights a small space or room. Its twin bulbs virtually eliminate glare, making it easy to see. For those who want a desk lamp with the same technology and look, Brightech also offers those.

Will this work with a wall switch?

I can turn on my lamp and set it to medium brightness. Then, after unplugging and plugging it back in, it returns to medium brightness. I wonder whether the lamp would work similarly if a wall switch switched it on.

Can this lamp attach to a wheelbase?

There should be no issue swapping out the base if it has the correct threading size because wiring does not extend through the base.

7. Boncoo Montage Modern Floor Lamp

41Zn UtJI+L. SL500


In a soft setting, the Montage floor lamp can be used as a wonderful mood light, while in a bright setting, it can be used as a task light. Additionally, it features a footswitch on the cord so that it can be turned on/off easily with both hands-free.

The tall pole floor lamp features an adjustable head angle of 360 degrees, so you can direct the light at any angle you desire, providing you with a vast range of lighting options. This would be great for any corner next to a desk, near a sofa, or next to a side table. For safety reasons, you should rotate the lamp head instead of the shade directly.

This reading stand light is adorned with a slub imitation silk cloth lampshade and a silver metal finish, making it easy to match with most interior designs, regardless of whether they are modern, traditional, or minimalist. This is a great option for adding a modern look to your bedroom, living room, or study.

You can easily install the dimmable floor light with the ST64 8W 3000K Edison led included, as it contains the right size bulb to match. The bulb is bright enough to replace an 80W incandescent bulb, saving you up to 90% in energy costs as well as protecting your family’s eyesight.

A well-balanced pole and base make this modern tall lamp stable enough to be placed anywhere while keeping kids and pets safe from being wobbled by accident. In addition, the lamp does not require tools. Follow the instructions for a few minutes, and you will enjoy it right away.


  • Flexible Hanging Lampshade
  • Fully dimmable
  • Pedal Foot Switch
  • Sturdy Metal Base
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Shades do not fit
  • Rings are different in size


Does the lamp getting heated?

Answer: The lamp itself generates no heat. However, it feels warm to touch the light cover. It is not recommended you do this, as you might try to lift the lamp that way, causing damage to it. The only problem is that the controls are sensitive as well as the brightness changes quickly.

The cord is too long; it won’t go together

Answer: I just finished putting mine together. You can gently tighten the cord between Post 3 and 2 by pulling it through the bottom of Post 2. If you have already removed the cable through Post 3 and screwed it to the top of Post 2, you can then tighten the cord between Post 3 and 2. Next, screw post two onto post 3.

Taking up the slack on the cable at the bottom of the lamp, gently pull it to join post 2 to post 1. If you’re removing the cord at the bottom, be very gentle, and remove it a little bit at a time. Any thread you fold into posts must NOT be twisted; in fact, it could become a fire hazard.

How focused is the light? Again, I’m looking for something that is lighting a limited area, maybe 5 feet in diameter so, for the main focus of light?

Answer: There is adjustable lighting height to focus the light on a very small area, which is an excellent feature. It’s an awesome feature to have the remote. Although the light is faintly brighter than advertised, a dimming part doesn’t seem to be needed. Therefore, this light wouldn’t be a recommendation.

8. Tomons Lamp_A Lamp with Best Light for Reading

31ieLMfQ2sL. SL500


Tomons Lamp is amazingly designed with a wooden frame that gives your room a rustic and elegant look. With a 210-degree range, you can turn the head at any position as you required. Its light with warm form gives your eye a pleasant effect. A 40 Watt bulb is suitable for this lamp socket.

The bulb of 8Watt is included in this package, but you can use any other kind of bulb; it only depends on your choice. This lamp gives your room, living room, TV lounge a complete decorative and classy look. Unfortunately, this lamp is a little bit heavier, and it isn’t easy to tipping.

The main thing is an adjustable head; you can adjust it easily. However, it comes with a reasonable price that can easily afford. Moreover, it is easy to assemble.


  • Environmentally friendly design
  • Adjustable head
  • Bulbs can be replacing


  • The power switch is away from the base.


Can this lamp be a 75-watt incandescent bulb?

Using an LED bulb, I get the equivalent of a 75-watt bulb using this lamp designed for a 40-watt bulb.

Is it bright enough for a desk lamp?

The light is bright enough for a desk lamp. The maximum wattage of the bulb is 60W.

What is the lumens rating for an 8 Watt bulb?

The lumens for an 8Watt bulb are 720 lumens.

9. Brightech Contour_ Best Modern Standing Reading Lamp

314QUV0fu0L. SL500


Brightech Contour Floor Lamp is a simple lamp with an 8Watt LED bulb that emits light at 480 lumens. It is a sleek, silver-finished shade with a gorgeous appearance. It comes with three articulating bits so you can catch the light to your required position.

Furthermore, it is a lightweight lamp that weighs 15.8 pounds; the ability to move around and save space makes it more convenient. You can stand it everywhere you want in the room, living room where you are comfortable reading. To make it more convenient, you might want to connect the lamp with the nearest wall switch if you intend to use it as a reading light. Unfortunately, it has only one switch located on the shade, so it’s tricky to switch on it.

To dim or turn it on and off, you would have to get up or at least sit up straight. However, this lamp can dim its light. The cool light improves your focus and alertness, allowing you to pay attention to your reading.


  • Modern design with a sleek aesthetic
  • The light is dimmable
  • Lightweight


  • Turn on the shade with the switch.

10. Vava Dimmable LED Reading Lamp



This lamp is well functional and very popular with buyers due to its remarkable features. Instead of reading, it would be used for many other purposes like sewing, crafting, etc.

The frame is made of metal with a black matt finish and has a light of 12Watt LED panel. With high brightness, it takes 1815 lumens that is suitable for small size room. If you are fond of decoration, this lamp is perfect because it is very functional and a masterpiece of décor. Vava Dimmable lamp comes with five color temperatures as it is dimmable, so you can increase or decrease the light according to your desire.

The lamp’s height is also adjustable by removing the poles that make it longer to make it as a table lamp. Plus, the point of this lamp is the one-hour timer option; it can be shut down automatically instead of lightening on your face while you sleep. Furthermore, the Floor Lamp has an adjustable neck to bend at any position. Last but not least, its LED Fixture has claimed of 50000 –hour lifespan and is non-replaceable.


  • One-hour timer option
  • Five color temperature
  • Sleek, simple design


  • LED panel is non-replaceable


Now it’s time for a conclusion. I explain the top best floor lamps for reading with a brief discussion. I suggest the three best lamps with remarkable functions. These three lamps are Brightech Litespane LED reading floor lamp, Imigy Floor Lamp for Reading in bed, and, Verilux innovative floor lamp. These three lamps are easy to assemble, available at a reasonable price, and well functioned. But in the end, the choice is yours. I hope this article will help you to choose the best.