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Top 10 Best Ikea Floor Lamps To Enhance Your Home’s Beauty

Ikea company makes many beautiful floor lamps that become popular early on markets. Ikea lamps give your home a classy look, and they are available at affordable prices. The buyers appreciate the lamps with unique features. Ikea Floor Lamps are one of the best and unique floor lamps. Its unique design makes it attractive to buyers, and its features help it gain popularity in the market

There are many tasks for us to do at night like, do studies, handling office pressure, and many more. To avoid the brightness of light at night, we use floor lamps. A floor lamp is essential to our busy lives today. They give us an accomplished look while also providing a proper comfort zone.

Floor lamps provide little light for a limited area, and this may not be for the reason of disturbance when someone is sleeping. If you find a floor lamp as you need, then the best Ikea floor lamps are listed below here.

Quick Guide

HOLMO Floor lamp with LED bulb, White is our Top pick. At a reasonable price, it has good features and a beautiful design.






31XK2JdSDiL. SL500

HOLMO Floor lamp with LED bulb, White

Up to 15000 hours/10 years. Comes with 2 led bulbs. 400 lumen. estimated energy cost $.60 per lamp per year, based on 3 hour usage per day and energy rates

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SOLLEFTEA Floor lamp with LED bulb, Oval White

Most unique and cost-saving lamp. Lightweight for easy movement. Easy to assemble. Comes with three bulbs and the bulbs are chandelier type


VIDJA Floor Lamp with LED Bulb, White

Really gives a white light. Easy to assemble. Lightweight but have a weighted base. Comes with LED bulbs

31ZAsmAJveL. SL500

NOT Floor Up-light with LED Bulb, Black

The floor lamp is thin but stable enough. Assembly takes 5 minutes. Comes with a separate switch. Flexible goes neck

715fcTvRUXL. AC SL1500

LERSTA Floor/Reading Lamp with LED Bulb, Aluminum

Corded switch for easy on/off. Comes with a strong weighted base. Provides a direct light for reading. Arm is adjustable.

21doJdQa1pL. SL500

Ikea Not Floor Lamp

Solid weight in the bottom base, Aluminum pipes, On/off switch in the cord, Flimsy lampshade

Ikea Forsa Black Floor Lamp

Adjustable arm and head, Quality design, Heavy base, Direct light for reading

Ikea Vickleby paper shade floor lamp

Timeless theme, Soft glow light, Protect your eyes

Ikea BARLAST Floor Lamp

It gives a diffused light, Glare-free light, Powder coating shade

Ikea floor lamp dark gray

Adjustable head, Good concentrated light for reading, Aluminum material, Foot-corded switch

1. HOLMO Floor lamp with LED bulb, White


The HOLMO Floor lamp must be your ultimate choice if you want to bring the right amount of comfort and improve the beauty of your living room and lounge. This lamp features a round shape that provides a soft mood light and is ideal for your living room and lounge. Your home will look beautiful and sophisticated with this lamp.

This floor lamp comes with a white-colored E26 LED bulb that creates a calming atmosphere. Moreover, it has 400 lumens of light output. With the HOLMO Floor lamp, you can set the mood with light lighting by IKEA. HOLMO Floor lamp is mostly made from polythene and has a concrete base.

There are some issues with the floor display being bulky. First, the floor display protects it from scratches. Powder coating is used to provide a clear pattern to the lamp’s tube made of steel panel. Third, polypropylene is used as a cover, which generates a warm impression.


  • soft mood light
  • E26 LED bulb
  • 400 Lumen Power
  • 6.3 Watts
  • 120 Volts
  • Wattage 40
  • 8.8 ounces
  • Height 46 inches
  • Length 7.3 inches
  • Width ‎9 inches
  • Circular Shape
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Instant On
  • ‎Corded-electric Power Source

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  • Up to 15000 hours/10 years
  • Comes with 2 led bulbs
  • 400 lumen
  • estimated energy cost $.60 per lamp per year, based on 3 hour usage per day and energy rates


  • Don’t definable


Is this lamp takes three light bulbs?

Answer: It takes four small light bulbs that give you pleasant light in a dark area. It offers elegant looks to your room.

What is the maximum bulb wattage?

Answer: The maximum bulb wattage is about 75. But you can put 15watt CFR that is equal to 60, and it is very bright. You also took a light bulb as you need.

2. SOLLEFTEA Floor lamp with LED bulb, Oval White

31sh3nCEBiL. AC

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It is also worth noting that IKEA offers the SOLLEFTEA floor lamp in a white oval design with a life of 15,000 hours. It is an attractive choice for anyone wanting to make their home look luxurious with a 3 watt led bulb.

Round and chunky are how the lamp is shaped, one of its best features. There is something unique about the oval design of this lamp. It gives a soft glow but looks boring. There are two layers to the lamp. Transparent on the inside and transparent on the outside, the outer layer provides a beautiful lighting effect.

Having a steel base coated with a fine powder that provides a smooth texture, the base is guaranteed to last for a very long time. Steel lamp tubes with powder coating are also included. They are easy to clean with a fine cloth.


  • 120 Volts
  • ‎3 watts
  • Include ‎LED bulb
  • 15,000 hours bulb life
  • ‎Corded Electric Power Source
  • ‎6.79 pounds
  • 15 x 14.25 x 2.81 inches
  • ‎Paper, Metal material
  • ‎Oval Shape
  • White color


  • Most unique and cost-saving lamp
  • Lightweight for easy movement
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with three bulbs and the bulbs are chandelier type


  • Don’t definable

Best Ikea Floor Lamps

3. VIDJA Floor Lamp with LED Bulb, White


Unique to IKEA floor lamps, this lamp has an unusual design. It stands 54 inches tall. What a beautiful addition to any lounge corner. Creating this floor lamp was primarily about using ABC plastic, the traditional classic material that gives you lasting durability. Its steel tube complements many lamp designs. There are no sharp edges.

Polystyrene is the material that makes up the shade of this lamp, and there is a polyamide clip. You get beautiful light from the 6 LED bulbs. The lamp is also equipped with a footswitch that can be used to control the lighting. A decorative light accents the lamp’s beauty. It is specially designed for this lamp. A lint remover can be used to clean it lastly.


  • On/Off Foot Switch
  • LED light bulbs included
  • 7 watts
  • 6 blub include
  • 7.85 pounds
  • 54’’height
  • Fabric Material
  • Shade material Polystyrene, 100 % polyester
  • Corded Electric Power Source


  • Really gives a white light
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight but have a weighted base
  • Comes with LED bulbs


  • Some complaint about the brightness

4. NOT Floor Up-light with LED Bulb, Black


There is something quite unique about this lamp when compared to other IKEA lamps. It stands out in a skittish way because it has a black color scheme. A bright, up-light design is featured on this bulb, including an E17 and an E26 LED.

This lamp has a switch on the midline of the stand, which can easily be switched on and off with no hesitation. In addition to being bulky, the shade is made of polypropylene. Furthermore, the shade is reinforced with EVA plastic.

Based on high-quality ABC plastic that can be used on the floor, it has a waterproof bottom. A fine powder coats the steel construction of the lamp, making it both glossy and smooth.


  • e17 and e26 led bulbs included
  • up-light design
  • switched on and off separately
  • 2 LED Bulbs Include
  • 9.92 pounds
  • opal light bulb and ordinary lampshade
  • Tube: Steel, Epoxy coating
  • Holder: Steel, Powder coating
  • Shade/ Shade 2:Polypropylene plastic
  • durable plastic with glass look


  • The floor lamp is thin but stable enough
  • Assembly takes 5 minutes
  • Comes with a separate switch
  • Flexible goes neck


  • White plastic cover too short to cover the bulb
  • Smaller light doesn’t use regular bulb, it needs a special bulb


What does it mean by “not floor up-light”? Doesn’t the light shine upward?

Answer: It’s not from a lamp, or a floor lamp, or an Ikea. In fact, it is a time machine. However, in order for it to work, you need to find a special bulb that sells no land.

Can I use 150 LED bulbs in this lamp?

Answer: Yes, you can use a 150watt bulb in this lamp. But if you want to use a 100watt bulb, it also fine and gives you good results.

Is the reading light gooseneck or swivel?

Answer: Gooseneck is only half of the light arm of the reader. These are fixed metal tubes for 5 inches before the reading light base and 2 inches before the floor lamp connection. This limits the positioning of the reading light to some extent, but if it were all gossipy, it probably wouldn’t stay in that position.

5. LERSTA Floor/Reading Lamp with LED Bulb, Aluminum


A unique and well-designed floor lamp is available at IKEA called LERSTA. Studying late at night or handling office work at night might benefit from this. A LED bulb E26, with a 60-watt rating, provides the lighting needed for a specific area.

With its lamp arm and being able to change direction, it can be easily adjusted. In addition, the switches allow it to be turned on and off.

Steel is used for both the lamp and the lamp arm, giving them durability. Additionally, this lamp has a base made from aluminum, which is coated with a varnish that accentuates the lamp’s aesthetics. This lamp’s aluminum tube and shade are also varnished at its top.


  • On/Off hand button Switch
  • instant on
  • LED bulb E26 globe opal white
  • 60 watt
  • Height: 52
  • Base plate: Clear lacquer
  • Aluminum Base weight: Polyethylene
  • Joint: Steel Shade/ Tube: Aluminum
  • Alloy Steel Shade Material
  • easily direct the light
  • lamp arm is adjustable
  • Light bulbs are sold separately


  • Corded switch for easy on/off
  • Comes with a strong weighted base
  • Provides a direct light for reading
  • Arm is adjustable


  • Some complaint about the dimmable feature
  • The flex-hose is not even strong enough


What is the height of the lamp? Diameter of the base? How far is the cord, which I believe has a switch on it?

Answer: The height of this lamp is approximately 5 feet, about 10″ and 2.5″. This lamp is suitable for reading purposes and for accenting art. This lamp is very delicate.

At what point does the lamp neck bend?

Answer: The lamp’s neck can bend in every way where it is joined on the light. It can quickly turn due to its high-quality steel.

Is the switch fit while sitting on the chair …. How far is the switch from the floor?

Answer: The switch is near the lamp pole. If you can reach the lamp post, you can easily reach it from the chair.

6. Ikea Not Floor Lamp _Reading Lamp

21doJdQa1pL. SL500 BUY ON AMAZON

This lamp is a reading lamp and is suitable for those who are addicted to reading at night. It comes with two light bulbs, and its body is black. The Ikea Floor Lamp dimension is 14.57 x 11.42 x 5.12 inches. Getting it set up and moving it from place to place is easy.

A lamp like this can be easily paired with your furniture and adds an elegant touch to your home. It has a sturdy base that ensures that the lamp stays firmly anchored to the floor.

Important features of this lamp are highlighted here;


It is designed with black color and looks elegant that stands at any place. This floor lamp’s body is made of ABC plastic and polypropylene shade, and its pole is coated with epoxy steel. A lampshade with a diameter of 11″ (28 cm) and a base diameter of 11″ (28 cm) is included. It can easily stand, and it has a firm grip on the floor.


The Ikea Not Floor Lamp comes at 69 inches, and its length is 20 inches. This length is ideal for this type of floor lamp, specially designed for studying, reading, writing, and many other tasks requiring more light.


The unique feature of this lamp is its adjustable pole. The pole height is easily adjustable according to your need. If someone is sleeping, you can use a specific light in a particular area to prevent them from being disturbed. You can adjust the height to suit your needs.


This lamp is not dimmable. You cannot increase or decrease the light as you want. This lamp cannot come with bulbs; you can buy it separately. If you wish to even diffused illumination on a lampshade or lamp, choose an opal light bulb.


  • Item Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • ‎Product Dimensions: 14.57 x 11.42 x 5.12 inches
  • Batteries: 1 Product Specific batteries required.
  • Base Diameter: 10 Inches
  • Style: NOT Floor Lamp Without Light Bulb
  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Number of Lights: 1
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Shade Color: Good general light
  • Shade Material: Plastic
  • Diameter of Lampshade: ‎7 Inches
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Wattage: 60


  • Solid weight in the bottom base
  • Aluminum pipes
  • On/off switch in the cord
  • Flimsy lampshade


  • Not definable


What kind of light bulb does it use?

Answer: The maximum wattage is 100 watts. This applies to the old type of bulb that gets heated, which you can still buy. New 100 watt bulbs like CFLs and LEDs can output 100 watts but produce less wattage. This is the way to go because it doesn’t get hot and still doesn’t light up.

They last for many years longer than the old incandescent bulbs. More valuable but will last a very long time. You can also choose a light output to match your preference with daylight or soft white. I use CFLs because I have them, but the LEDs may be your choice.

Does it have only one level of brightness or more than one?

Answer: I only have one level of brightness. But, I take down the shade that comes with it and turn on the lamp, and then the shadow of the Lenin drum-style lamp, so it’s a room instead of an office style. It looks like a sack that encloses a drawstring.

It also helps to disperse the light that the original shadow did not. He directed the light not upwards but upwards. With the shadow of the drum, you can find that you do not need more than one flashing setting.

How long is the most extended length from wire to the wall socket?

Answer: If you pull the bone all the way and hold it firmly, it will be at a distance of 2/2 feet from the wall. But the cord is on the outside, so it’s probably about 6 feet long.

7. Ikea Forsa Black Floor Lamp

51g5A 31HkS. AC SL1500


Do you want to enhance your home’s beauty? Then look at the Ikea Forsa black floor lamp

that has a minimalistic look with a touch of elegance. Your living space can be decorated in a way that is different from what is conventional. A lamp like this is classic and elegant in a strange way.

This floor lamp gives you a lot more than you asked for. In addition to providing a beautiful addition to your room, this lamp provides the perfect amount of lighting.

Here is another exciting feature that makes this floor lamp one of the best reading floor lamps. This floor lamp gives you direct light that is perfect for reading. As a result, your favorite pages are no longer going to hurt your eyes.

Due to the lamp’s adjustable arm and head, you can direct the light wherever you want. Organize your workspace with this lamp.

Light lamps made of Steel, Powder Coated, and Steel Arm are good for providing you with quality light. The lamps also come equipped with a convenient LED bulb.


  • Adjustable arm and head
  • Quality design
  •  Heavy base
  • Direct light for reading


  • To definable, there are no cons

8. Ikea Vickleby paper shade floor lamp

21dckic0jHS. SL500 BUY ON AMAZON

The vintage floor lamp fixture has been made with rice paper material for a unique touch to your home. Having this light in your home gives you the feeling of a warm and welcoming environment. This lamp would be a beautiful addition to any guest room or home office.

A simple floor lamp light will help protect your eyes from bright light because this VICKLEBY Floor Lamp softens the illumination. In addition, this paper lamp distributes delightful diffused light in the home so that you can enjoy your family time in a soft and comfortable environment.

Create your own individualized floor lamp by combining your lamp with your choice of bulb. We recommend using reflector bulbs E17.

It is suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms, baby rooms, libraries, college apartments, dens, coffee tables, cafes, dressers, and bookcases with an E17 standard base. Additionally, it makes a great gift for friends and family.

The floor lamp is the perfect gift on a birthday or for no reason at all!


  • Timeless theme
  • Soft glow light
  • Protect your eyes


  • With just one 400-lumen bulb, not much light is produced

9. Ikea BARLAST Floor Lamp


Do you want a floor lamp that will illuminate your whole room or office? 

If yes, then take a look at the Ikea BARLAST floor lamp. It produces diffused light that is excellent for spreading light through a room. In addition, the shade provides a soft, glare-free light that is comfortable for your eyes.

The light bulb must be purchased separately. The Ikea recommended bulb is the E27 globe in opal white. The base/frame is steel with a powder coating, and the shade is polypropylene plastic. If necessary, you can clean the surface with a soft cloth dampened with water and mild detergent or soap. Then, turn the fabric over and wipe it dry.


  • It gives a diffused light
  • Glare-free light
  • Powder coating shade


  • Nothing

10. Ikea floor lamp dark gray

316ksj+1GZL. SL500


The oversized head makes this floor lamp perfect for reading and also for a dark corner because it gives both a good concentrated light for reading and good general light for smaller areas. Furthermore, due to its adjustable head, the lamp head can be aimed wherever you need it. For example, if you are reading a book, use it as an uplight, or aim it at a specific area in the room because the light can shine directly on the book.

You won’t have to move from your warm bed or couch to turn on/off this lamp since it has a foot-corded switch. It also comes with a 187 cm cord, so you don’t need to worry about where to put the lamp.

The bulb is not included. So it would be best if you bought a separate bulb. The LED bulb recommended by Ikea is the E26 600 lumen globe in opal white.


  • Adjustable head
  • Good concentrated light for reading
  • Aluminum material
  • Foot-corded switch


  • The bulb is not included


These best IKEA floor lamps should be your first choice when you want to enhance your home’s beauty. But in my opinion, the HOLMO Floor lamp is best for all of them.

LED bulbs use 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 20 times longer. It may be necessary to handle special wastes to protect people and the environment.

The lamp’s shape is made with rice paper that gives a soft light for reading. You don’t need to stand from the sofa or bed to the on/off the floor lamp because it has a corded footswitch.

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