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Top 5 Best Floor Lamps For Dark Rooms in 2021

A good floor lamp can make all the difference in a room. It provides light and atmosphere, but it can also help connect the room while serving as a good accent piece. The most important consideration is what kind of lighting you want.

For example, torchlight (based on the flame) provides a different pattern from directional light (mainly the cause of light).

Or, if your home is full of smart lighting, you’ll want a lamp that matches the popular smart bulb for uniformity and collaboration.

Beyond functionality, style is essential. The floor lamp is a piece of furniture and should match a room’s aesthetics while enhancing the rest of your decoration.

To help you find the best floor lamps for dark rooms, we have a top-selling floor lamps list.

Here are some of the best-rated stylish floor lamps you can buy today.

Quick Guide

The Addlon LED shelf floor lamp is our Top pick. Because of the attractive design and the affordable price. Comfortable and safe lighting.

So stay with us:

Best Floor Lamps For Dark Rooms Comparison Table





21qHjcCwq3L. SL500

Kenroy Home 21080ORB floor lamp

1-year limited warranty, 1-150 maximum medium base bulb or LED equivalent, Convenient foot switch, Work with Amazon Alexa

21w3CULn+aL. SL500

Globe electric Novogratz floor lamp

The base is very heavy, White fabric shade, Required 120 volts

41OrpTZgWTS. SL500

Addlon LED shelf floor lamp

High-density board, 50 pounds weight capacity, Easy to assemble, Comes with an LED bulb

31TNAr4v4tL. SL500

Trond LED Torchiere Floor lamp

Corded electric power source, Aluminium alloy and plastic shade material, 30w power consumption, Five brightness levels

31XO5NJ2YcL. SL500

LeeZm Modern White Tree Floor Lamp

Adjustable light head, Step-on-switch, Easy to assemble

Kenroy Home 21080ORB Floor Lamp

21qHjcCwq3L. SL500 BUY ON AMAZON


  • 1-150 Watt
  • On/Off Foot Switch
  • on/off voice-activated operation
  • 120 Volts
  • Oil-rubbed Bronze Finish
  • 64 Inch Height, 15 Inch Width, 17.5 Inch
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 19.45 pounds
  • Steel material
  • ‎Oval Shape
  • Power source AC
  • Socket Assembly, Wrench
  • Socket Ring, Poles (2), Base, Shade
  • square-shaped tan fabric shade

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This floor lamp is perfect if you want to enhance your home’s beauty or want to illuminate your whole room. With a geometric profile and a contrasting color palette, these contemporary floor lamp features are a dark oil-rubbed bronze finish and a unique square-shaped tan fabric shade that complement your transitional home decor. its a size 64 Inch Height, 15 Inch Width, 17.5 Inch

When you illuminate the tan square shade, this floor lamp gives you a batter light for your living or bedroom. Kenroy Home floor lamp comes with 1-150 Watt and ​120 Volts. It also provides you soft light for reading and relaxing at the end of the day.

You’ll no longer waste time looking for hard-to-reach socket switches because this floor lamp comes with an On/Off Foot Switch And it also has the On/off voice-activated operation with Alexa. that lets you operate it quickly and easily.

For quick on/off voice-activated operation, this lamp is also compatible with Alexa’s compatible smart plug. (But Amazon Alexa and smart plug sold separately)


  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 1-150 maximum medium base bulb or LED equivalent
  • Convenient foot switch
  • Work with Amazon Alexa


  • There are also small but observable stains on the lampshade.


Is it a rocker switch or a button you press? If it is plugged in on the go, will it turn on?

Answer: This is a button switch on the power cord that you can step on (slowly) to turn it on or off. If you plug in these on the go, you may have to unplug the on button again.

What is the thickness of the base and dimension of the inner square?

Answer: The thickness of the base is about 1/2 “.Measures 10” X 10 or 10 1/2 “inside.

Can Philips Hue bulbs fit this lamp?

Answer: Yes, Philips Hue bulbs will fit in this lamp. Hue bulbs are usually the equivalent of 60 watts, and this lamp fits a maximum of 150 watts.


Globe Electric Novogratz Floor Lamp



  • Socket rotary switch
  • 60W Bulb
  • 120 Volts
  • 21.8 Pounds
  • 70.6″ Size
  • Metal Material
  • Tall Slender Body
  • White Fabric Shade
  • 1x E26/Medium Base
  • Color ‎Matte Black

Despite your best efforts, you were unable to locate an affordable shaded 70″ lamp. This floor lamp looks very sleek and stylish, and it is the perfect addition to your space.

A modern finish has been revived with a modern contemporary design that reflects the effect of these two styles on this amazing lamp.

An optical illusion is created by the unique design of the Temple Floor Lamp’s tall, thin body, making this a truly stunning piece for your home or office.

This floor lamp offers a bright but diffused light with a white fabric shade that brings a classic element to any space while allowing you to give your lamp and room a warmer or colder look and this lamp has a 60W bulb. depending on the bulb color temperature you choose. And it comes with a Socket rotary switch.

It’s so strong; you can’t believe how heavy it is, which is good because you won’t accidentally knock it. The matte black shade is very modern, nice, and big.

Assembling was tedious and took about 20 minutes, especially if you didn’t need a lot of cord. Not a deal-breaker, but just be prepared. You’ll love this lamp!


  • The base is very heavy
  • White fabric shade
  • Required 120 volts


  • It will not sit upright on the carpet


Is the lampshade sitting directly on the bulb?

Answer: I do not have a lamp on it. I just bought a big globe light bulb to keep it to a minimum. But the lamp’s shade should fit on the base of the bulb where the bulb and the brass metal container for the bulb are found.

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Top 5 Best Floor Lamps For Dark Rooms in 2021

Addlon LED Shelf Floor Lamp



  • The shelf lamp comes with one 2700K LED bulb
  • Which can provide 50,000hrs service life
  • Saves 50% electric bill per year
  • Quality Lampshade with Soft Light
  • 120 Volts
  • 9 watts
  • 14.92 pounds
  • 3 tiers storage space
  • High-density fiber material
  • Comfortable atmosphere at the night
  • 15mins Easy Installation
  • Addlon’s 3 Year Product Warranty
  • Vintage Color
  • ‎Corded Electric
  • ‎Pull Chain Switch Style
  • Instant On

Multipurpose furniture is essential if you live in a small space, and a threshold shelf floor lamp fits this standard perfectly. It provides Quality Lampshade with Soft Light. The lamp has three shelves in a compact frame to serve as a closing table with a sofa or chair, providing enough sound.

This model is prevalent and is known for its good value with a beautiful design. Some reviewers say the switch can be challenging to reach, and the shadow is not always square at its base.

This Shelf lamp comes with one 2700K LED bulb Which can provide 50,000hrs service life and this saves 50% electric bills per year. you can also choose if the bulb meets your needs. It doesn’t matter if it is an incandescent, LED, or smart bulb.

And the easy-to-use bridge chain switch allows you to control the lamp easily. And it only needs 9 watts to run.

The exciting thing about this floor lamp is that assembling this floor lamp is so easy, just screw in the screws, put the white shade on, which seems easy for everybody.


  • High-density board
  • 50 pounds weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with an LED bulb


  • Not definable


Does this lamp turn on / off using the wall switch?

Answer: Yes, if the wall outlet is connected to the wall switch. Plug in the lamp, turn it on. If the outlet is connected to a wall switch, try turning it off on the wall switch. If the lamp goes out, you will have the answer. Just keep the lamp on all the time but switch it on or off with the wall switch.

Can it be collected to make it smaller? Can any instructions from the assembly help?

Answer: Yes, you can leave the metal legs (or two) on the shelf to make the lamp smaller without affecting its function. You have access to the chain. At least one shelf and a set of metal legs will need to be included.

There are instructions, and they are very well written.

How good the shade is. The fabric is not plastic.

Answer: In my opinion, the shade is perfect. It is a flat joint when carried out of the packaging but fits perfectly on the included frame. It is strong and does not show creases, wrinkles, or other distractions. I use an Alexa device I bought separately to control the intelligent bulb – that way; I can easily control the brightness of my phone by turning it on and off.


Trond LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Natural daylight bright torchiere floor lamp:

31TNAr4v4tL. SL500



  • LED warm light floor lamp
  • 56 high-efficiency 3030 LEDs
  • Maximum power consumption of 30watts, ‎22 Volts
  • Enough soft yellow light (3000k) to illuminate your living room etc
  • 4 modular aluminum rods
  • Integrated power cords built inside
  • All touch-controllable & 5-level dimmable
  • 5 brightness levels
  • Illumination from 630lm to the max. 5000lm
  • Compatible w/ wall switch
  • Modular rod design, easy to Install
  • Height is 180cm/71in
  • 8.1 pounds
  • Modern style
  • Black color
  • Reflector shape
  • Aluminum alloy & plastic
  • Corded electric power source
  • Switch style ‎touch
  • Cable strand diameter ‎6.6 Inches

This floor lamp is best for your darkroom with 30w power consumption; this LED Sky Torchiere Floor Lamp can emit enough natural light (5500K) to illuminate your 15 ‘x 20’ living room, bedroom, or office. The lamp head is easily centered, and the light shines in any direction you need.

Its total height is 180 cm / 71in, longer than other similar lamps, so you don’t have to stare directly at the light.

This floor lamp features modern four modular aluminum bars, all with integrated power cords inside. This design allows you to assemble, disassemble and adjust the height.

This dimmable simple floor lamp comes with five levels of brightness and sensitive touch control that gives you batter brightness from 630lm to the max.

If the power goes out, it can turn on automatically and light up the last flash setting.

Long press on/off switch for 2 seconds to turn on the 30 minute light timer – run safely from the top without turning the light off manually.

The TROND is probably the first lamp that does not use a mechanical switch, but you can turn it on/off using a wall switch or a smart plug.

This floor lamp base, made of pure aluminum alloy, has no dirty concrete or sand inside, will never be defective, deviated, or damaged over the years. Measured at just 0.2 “thick, the thin lamp’s base can easily be placed under your sofa or couch. The foot-shaped pad under the base prevents your wood floor surface from scratching.


  • Corded electric power source
  • Aluminium alloy and plastic shade material
  • 30w power consumption
  • Five brightness levels


  • Some complaints about the power button


Does the lamp glow every time you turn it off, or does it miss its glow?

Answer: It depends on whether the power is cut off or not. If the power adapter is always plugged into the active wall outlet, it will remember the previous brightness level if you turn off the lamp.

However, if you want to use a wall switch to turn the lamp on or off, the power will be cut off, and the lamp will turn on automatically at the level of its brightness.

Can I skip the middle 2 bars to make it 36 ​​inches long?

Answer: Yes, you can. As long as you use a button rod with a power jack and a touch-sensitive button rod, the lamp will work properly. Otherwise, if you only use the bottom stick and remove the stick with the touch-sensitive buttons, this lamp can easily be damaged.

What is the number of light heat measurements?

Answer: The color temperature is about 5500K, which is like daylight in the afternoon. We have seen that some customers will prefer yellow warm white light for their living rooms or bedrooms. If you have the same preference, we recommend not ordering this lamp.


LeeZm Modern White Tree Floor Lamp



  • Three 180° up and down adjustable lamp head
  • The convenient step-on switch attached for simply on/off access
  • Reading light uses 3 *E26 or 3*60W
  • 3 bulbs including
  • Controlled for three bulbs on or off at the same time
  • 120 Volts
  • 6ft long power cord
  • Heavy base, no flip-down
  • Rustic industrial style
  • 3 light adjustable tree floor lamp
  • White finish metal shades
  • Open cage shades to shine light anywhere
  • Height 65
  • Metal Base diameter 10.3
  • Shade diameter 6.5
  • Cord length 70
  • Hardware for easy installation
  • Simple assembly
  • 11.15 pounds
  • Push Button Switch Style

This 65-inch tree floor lamp is designed with metal material and a retro and beautiful appearance—industrial old-fashioned mid-century style. Minimal design means it’s lightweight and minimal so that it will fit in almost any room. It takes 120volts to run.

Furthermore, the original lamp can be positioned to fit its position and even match a particular use, such as lowering it for better reading light and raising it for directional lighting. Increase it

The lamp also has hot and cold lighting options, but reviews show that even the warmer version looks much more relaxed overall. If you prefer warm light in general, keep this in mind.

Three flexible arms can bend, so you can go exactly where you need the light, the perfect bedmate, the best floor lamp for dark room bedroom, living room, and also for the office.

If your outlet is too far from floor lamps, don’t worry. This floor lamp has a 6-foot long cord that allows you to install this floor lamp where you need it most.


  • Adjustable light head
  • Step-on-switch
  • Easy to assemble


  • Step switch is very cheap


Is it adjustable for one, two, or three lights off or off? And bright enough for good reading light?

Answer: It is contracted for three lights at the same time or off. The three 60W Edison bulbs come with a free table lamp. It’s very comfortable to read. It’s too bright.

Is the base stable enough?

Answer: I recently bought this lamp. I am chosen; this lamp exceeded my expectations. The base is very strong.

Can you use LED Edison bulbs in it?

Answer: Sure, you can lead the Edison bulb in this lamp. The E26 base and three bulbs come with this floor lamp for free.


I know that you are still confused about the selection of floor lamps.
In my opinion, if you want to enhance your home’s beauty or want to illuminate your room, then the Addlon LED shelf floor lamp is the best choice.

One LED bulb, which is 2700K and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, comes with the shelf lamp. In other words, you won’t have to replace the bulb for years. LED bulbs also save 50% more electricity per year than normal incandescent bulbs.

The other interesting thing is, this floor lamp comes with a 3-year warranty. We stand behind all of our products, according to the manufacturer.[/su_box]

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