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Best Floor Lamp To Light Up a Room

Best floor lamp to light up a room, would you like to learn more about and purchase that? The answer is here.

Everyone wants their houses and rooms attractive and pleasing. Therefore, floor lamp plays a vital role in home decor and many more purposes. Floor lamps with bright light provide a comfortable ambiance for study, sewing, and many other tasks. In addition, the floor lamps are relatively adaptable, and they can be used wherever you like including TV lounges, bedrooms, leaving a room, etc.

A ceiling lamp is not enough for brightness; then, a bright floor lamp is suitable for lightning. As a result, you’ll be able to create a pleasant atmosphere for your families and have a room that easily lights up.

In this article, we discuss the best floor lamp to light up a room. We give you a brief discussion about floor lamps suitable for your taste and affordable according to your budget.

You must consider the lighting’s quality, price, and review before choosing a suitable lamp:

  1. It is the quality of a lamp that determines whether it is worth buying.
  2. Customer reviews make the decision easy for the choice of lamp.
  3. The price range tells whether it is affordable or not.
  4. The brand makes easy in the choice of the lamp.

There are a few bright and best lamps listed below that will make your decision easy.

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Best Floor Lamp to Light Up a Room in Comparison Table

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IKEA Bright Floor Lamp with Adjustable Height

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We begin our list with IKEA bright floor lamp. This lamp is 69 inches in length, and the base is 10 inches wide. The main point about this lamp is its adjustable height; you can adjust its size according to your need. Moreover, the pole of this lamp can be changed by a table lamp. Therefore, this lamp is available at an affordable price as compared to other lights.

Ikea’s bright floor lamp has a plastic covering, and its code can be seen but is on the outside. Therefore, this lamp looks beautiful standing in any area of the house. One downside about this lamp has not come with a bulb, but you can use any ordinary bulb with it.


  • Height can be adjusted
  • Available at an affordable price
  • It is easy to assemble


  • No bulb included
  • It is not dimmable


Does it fold downwards?

The lamp does not fold in downwards, but it looks pretty standing in any area of the house.

Which type of bulb does it support?

E27 is suitable for this kind of lamp. Adjustable bulbs are available in standard sizes. However, the company also provided matched bulbs.

What is the dimension of its base?

  • Power limit: 100W
  • A height of 175 cm (69 inches)
  • The base diameter is 26 cm (10″)
  • Diameter of the shade: 28 cm (11″)
  • Cord length: 1.9 meters (6 feet 3 inches)

Brightech Maxwell Best Floor Lamp for Bedroom

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The next on our list is the Brightech Maxwell Floor lamp. It consists of two shelves with two USB chargers as you can use it as a bookshelf or charge your electric devices. In addition, brackets can hold decoratio41vPmvBRd3L. SL500n pieces to enhance the beauty of the room.

It is a space saver and gives a classy look if the room is in small size. It has an accent light at the top of this lamp that brightens the entire room, and this light is sufficient for small bedrooms.

Furthermore, the clean and neat appearance of the power cord is enhanced by the clips. This lamp is easy to assemble, and it took 20 to30 minutes to complete. With its delicate appearance and dense shading, it creates a beautifully lit picture. It has three years warranty.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Design with a minimal aesthetic
  • Plugging in two USB chargers
  • Energy conservation


  • The bulb is not dimmable


Is it simple easy to put together?

It took about twenty minutes to assemble it. The directions and pictures will guide you.

Is it made of solid wood?

It is made of processed wood. It is lightweight and suitable for quality.

You’ll love this quality light wood lamp if you want a lightweight lamp

How tall is it?

This lamp has 5 to 4 cm in length. It is a space saver and a complete package of home decor.

Joly Joy Modern Floor Lamp_ Best Brightest Floor Lamp


41ewrwCWsXL. SL500

Joly Joy Floor Lamp is very popular with buyers due to its unique sleekly design. It can be fit on any tight or small surface. In addition to the lamp’s stability, the lamp also has a sleek black finish and a thin arm that can swivel 360 degrees so you can shine the light where you need it.

Furthermore, it is available in a low range that can be easily affordable. You can customize the lighting settings based on your preferences thanks to five brightness settings and four-color temperature options. It comes with a remote that you can easily adjust the setting of this lamp. Changing the lighting can be done wirelessly. Joly Joy Floor Lamp comes with 12 months warranty.



  • Touch control on top
  • Wireless remote control
  • Stable base


  • Dimensions of the light panel


Does it support 240V?

The product supports 240 V! If you’re not sure what voltage the adapter accepts, you can check the instructions on the device.

How long does the bulb last?

“Bulb” is an array of 56 individual LEDs with a lifespan of 50000 hours (20-25 years), so you do not need to worry about replacing it for years.

How tall is the light stand from base to light?

When the lamp is upright, Its length is 5′ 10″. The light is bent at the top, so it is slightly less than 5′. It would be rare to see a position like this (upright).

Brightech SKY Best LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

31f9ctYqd9L. SL500 BUY ON AMAZON

Brightech SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp is the most demanding lamp in the market. However, this lamp gives an elegant look to the room. There are three brightness settings, all of which work well. A highly bright light source supports itself as the primary light source at the most brilliant level.21XzU7Sc dS. SL500

As for the lowest level of brightness, it does an excellent job at adding ambiance. It has an adjustable head with 45 degrees so you can turn its head in your pacific direction. Its LED bulb is 30Watt and emits light with a high lumen output. The LEDs produce a warm glow, and they are energy efficient.

The bulb’s quality is good, and they serve many years, so there is no need to change before they expire. One downside is it does not plug in any switch.


  • Adjustable head
  • Three levels of brightness
  • There are seven colors to choose from
  • reasonable price


  • Suitable for only some switches


How tall is the lamp?

According to specifications, it stands at 63 inches. As a normal height, it would be exactly correct.

Does it have a switch to turn on and off while plugged in?

There are several brightness levels on the switch. You just have to find the right way to use it because it takes just a rub. It goes from off to full-on, then you rub it to go down a couple of levels and then off. Very easy. You’ll plug it into a cord with a switch, but the simple way to set it up is to use the wall switch.

Is this lamp as bright as a 150Watt incandescent bulb?

It’s hard to tell how bright a 150-watt bulb is, but this lamp illuminates the living room, which was a dungeon before got it.

Reveal Trinity Arc Floor Lamp Best for Lightning up your Living Room


This lamp makes your room beautiful due to its stunning look. In addition, this lamp has three lightning ways to31QdBJLsQQL. SL500 increase or decrease the brightness to make your space elegant. Three LED bulbs are used, or you can use conventional incandescent bulbs up to 100W.

Thanks to the tall design, this frame can be positioned in any corner in your living room or bedroom. You can purchase the Trinity Arc Floor Lamp without any difficulty because it is of high quality. In addition, the arched neck allows the head to turn to lighten the specific area.

Finally, its tree-like shape gives your living room an aesthetic look. Furthermore, there are no limitations for the type of bulb that is used in this lamp.


  • Assemble in advance
  • Head that can adjust
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Any variety of bulb can use


  • The kit does not include bulbs


How much the arm rotates from side to side in 360 degrees? If not how much do, they rotate?

It is not possible to rotate the arms of this floor lamp 360 degrees. However, you can adjust the amount of space between each light by swiveling the arms accordingly.

Do the shades have diffusers on the bottom? If light annoying sitting under it?

Diffusers are not included with the shades. However, the light does not bother us. LED bulbs with a 60 watt equivalent (in lumens) were installed (40 watts also work). Also added a remote dimmer. The problem was not apparent at full brightness.

You can individually adjust each shade position by rotating the shade support arms located at the back of a curved couch, not directly overhead. You love the light and found it to be of excellent value.

Is it possible to install just two of the arms?

Yes, it’s possible. The poles are individual.

Brightech Contemporary Floor Lamp for Brightens Corners


This lamp is one of the most beautiful and elegant lamps found in the market that completes the decor 31eswdtIeQL. SL500of your house. Its twist-style design lightens the corner, and you can adjust the brightness by the tap on the base of this lamp. It has 43 inches in height it can easily stand on a table or small chair.

Designed with a twist, you can turn the light in any direction you like. As a result, you won’t have to worry about unwanted light emitted points anymore. In addition, it comes with dimmable LED bulbs. It has flexible usability.


  • Easy-to-use foot switch
  • In a twist design for a minimal look
  • A heavy-duty weighted base that won’t tip over


  • Small space-saving design
  • Insufficient to act as a primary light source

Brightech sparq Best Floor Lamp for Study


Brightech Sparq Floor Lamp brightens your room when you do a time-consuming task like study318MpIrH8SL. SL500, writing, crafting, etc. Its unique and slim design makes it more attractive and provides a classy look to your room. In addition, its arc shape design provides light for a specific area if you want.

It has adjustable height. In contrast to incandescent and halogen lamps, the Brightech Sparq uses LED bulbs, which are highly energy-efficient. These bulbs are heat-free. Its sleek design cannot take more space. There are three modes for adjusting the light intensity: Height, Medium, and Low.


  • Low power consumption
  • Adjustable light bulbs
  • Well-designed
  • product of high quality


  • The base is not sturdy


Will this stand upright on the carpet?

Certainly, despite being small, the base weighs a lot. It is on the flooring. It is in the corner of the dining area, arcing over the table. It will be okay.

What is the height of the light?

The arc is about 63 inches at the top, and the end measures approximately 60-61 inches. Since it is flexible, it isn’t easy to measure precisely, but the design is lovely, and the lighting is warm.

Is this cordless?

There is no such thing. There is a footswitch on the line and a cable with an approximate length of 6 feet. An on-top button makes the switch look like a hockey puck. It allows the user to toggle between four dimming levels (off, high, lower, medium, dim, off) by pressing the button.

Stone and Beam Deco Metal Frame Floor Lamp

313il8vM5bL. SL500 BUY ON AMAZON

This floor lamp looks stylish tripod base which can use in both ways as to decorative piece or to brightens your31Cw+JB6spL. SL500 house. Its tripod stand gives it a stable grip on the floor.

As well as being the best floor lamp for the darkroom, this lamp adds a unique look to your workspace.

Lighting up the room is essential; it is essential to do this first. It would be best if you had a floor lamp when you’re watching TV or eating cheese and crackers because overhead bulbs can be too harsh. It is easy to assemble; it takes half an hour to complete it.


  • It will look great in any corner of your home.
  • The linen shade provides a modern look
  • with energy-saving capabilities
  • It has a four-leg base


  • Some people find it a bit short.


How big is the box is packaged in?

Each part is in a box, so the box was about three and a half feet long. One foot wide maybe.

Does the cord run through a leg or does it hang down the middle?

Throughout the leg, there is a cord. It won’t be noticeable to you.

Is it bright to read by?

Not very bright. These lamps provide softer light for entertaining in the living room. We like them very much.

Brightech Madison Floor Lamp

41qkeeIlfJL. SL500 BUY ON AMAZON

Brightech Madison is a bedside floor lamp with a table-like stand that can carry a book and a piece of decoration.417tLIl9VlL. SL500 It comes with a USB port to plug in your electric appliances. Compared to other lamps, it is less expensive. A set of bulbs are included with this lamp. There are enough lights in a small room to make it cozy.

It consumes much more space than most floor lamps, however, so it is not space-saving. There is a standard output that has a higher voltage requirement, similar to laptops.

Due to its efficiency, this unit combines a lamp, a side table, and shelves. This lamp is easy to assemble.


  • Compatible with smart devices
  • Charging Ports
  • Simple construction
  • Design suitable for multiple uses


  • Lumens without dimming


What material is the table made of?

easily. Plugs are solid plastic on the front panel. Paper-like material covers the shade and side panels, which cannot wipe if dirty.

What are the dimensions of tables?

Approximately 17″ x 17″ is the surface area of the table. The bottom measurements are 13.75″ by 13.75″. There is a shelf in the middle that is about 12″x12″. Thus, there are 23.75 inches between the tabletop and the top of the lampshade.

Is it possible to replace the shade?

Check with the manufacturer to see if replacements are available.

Baltoro LED Floor Lamp



  • Item Weight: ‎‎10 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎10.5 x 9 x 60 inches
  • Assembled Height: 60 inches
  • Assembled Length: 10.5 inches
  • Assembled Width: ‎9 inches
  • Style: ‎8-LED Black Floor Lamp
  • Color: Grey
  • Shape: ‎Linear
  • Material: ‎Resin
  • Finish Types: Matte
  • Number of Lights: 1
  • Included Components: ‎LED Integrated Bulb
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Shade Color: Black
  • Shade Material: Plastic
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Switch Style: Touch
  • Type of Bulb: ‎LED
  • Wattage: 12 watts
  • Wattage: ‎12 Watts
  • Color Temperature: 6500 Kelvin

The next best floor lamp on our list is Baltoro LED Floor Lamp. This lamp has bright light 41FuU8dsrGL. SL500and is available at an affordable price. This lamp is best for reading habits. This floor lamp offers enough light to satisfy users with soft and white light with two brightness settings.

You can read or play games in bright daylight that is eye-protective. Baltoro LED Floor Lamp comes with an adjustable neck that you can turn according to your desire. In the last, it has three years warranty.


  • Natural daylight with a 6000K color temperature
  • The technology of eye care
  • Adjustable gooseneck


  • Cannot replace the LED bulbs
  • Not compatible with wall switches


How wide is the base?

The base of this lamp is approximately 8 inches long and 10 inches wide.

How high is the lamp?

According to its description, the lamp will be 65″ tall when upright. I guess the height will depend on how the lamp is bent to adjust the height. Ours is roughly at 4 feet, give or take.

Does it have a mechanical switch or an electronic switch?

There is a rocker-type switch. Mechanical and electrical are not the same. There is no remote control.


Every Floor lamps that are listed above are best in their function. If you choose a floor lamp according to your desires by keeping in mind its price range, brilliant lightning system, and characteristics, I prefer three lamps that fulfill all your needs.

These lamps are Brightech Madison Floor Lamp, IKEA Bright Floor Lamp with Adjustable Head, and Stone and Beam Deco Metal Frame Floor Lamp. These three lamps are of high quality and with high brightness. I hope with the help of this article you can choose a lamp easily.

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