Best Desk Lamps For Eyes

A suitable desk lamp is necessary for any desk work, be it computing, reading, or even drawing. In addition, desk lamps can significantly affect our eye health, depending on their design. Flickering lights can cause headaches and eye strain while too dim or bright lighting can fatigue the eyes quickly. You may even feel negatively affected by the light’s temperature.

To provide you with the very best ocular environment, we handpicked the best desk lamps with adjustable brightness, flicker-free lighting, and temperature settings.

Many people have switched from the office to home due to the Carona virus. It has now become the norm for many people to work from home. Whatever space you have for working, whether you have the luxury of a spare bedroom or a spare study, establishing a healthy and functional workspace is paramount. In the following article, we’ll show you our top picks for the best desk lamps.

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Are Desk Lamp Bad For your Eyes

Primarily from an aesthetic standpoint, Lighting plays a major role in our homes. In today’s post, I will discuss the debate over protecting our vision.

Desk lamps are often used for reading or for providing extra light when using the computer.  It seems more beneficial to read under direct light. There are, however, ways to effectively use desk lamps to reduce stress on the eyes. Even though the lamp itself is not harmful to your eyes.

We all have heard that dim light can damage our eyes. When reading, overhead lighting is the best option. In 2007, the British Medical Journal published a study debunking this myth by stating that reading in low light does not damage eyes, although it can cause some strain.


Choosing a suitable desk lamp can reduce eye strain and aid concentration. This is particularly important as 59% of Americans report suffering from digital eye strain. Symptoms of office worker eye strain may include headaches and migraines, sore Iris, and blurry vision.

In the last 18 months, the College of Optometrists has dubbed the phenomenon “corona vision.” More and more of us are inside, looking at screens, and 22% of study respondents believe their use of screens and vision has worsened due to lockdown.

A desk lamp can provide bright light to light up your workstation and provide illumination in a dark room. However, the yellow light does not emit the blue wavelengths that come from screens, and this “blue light” has been linked to stress and disrupted circadian rhythms, which disrupt sleep patterns.

In studies, blue light has also been shown to increase cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is called the “stress hormone” because it stimulates our fight-or-flight response and fat storage.

Using eye-friendly computer settings or an e-reader can reduce the harmful effects of blue light on the eyes. It is best to have a screen at a lower brightness and solid light so you can see more clearly without having to worry about your health. Your workstation is also elevated with a stylish desk lap, allowing you to work in comfort all day long.

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What Is The Best Kind Of Desk Lamp?

Lighting from desk lamps is essential for taking notes, reading important documents, and other tasks. If you choose a desk lamp, you won’t only consider its aesthetics, but also take into account the type of lighting, light temperature and brightness, and range of movement.

My search for the best desk lamps for eyes was narrowed to seven products using the input of health experts, ergonomists, and engineers. Then I evaluated each product’s performance, ease-of-use, and extra features over a period of several days. Here at the end of our guide, you can find details about how we picked a lamp, how to choose a lamp, and more.

The following desk lamps were chosen for their various designs and prices. Here these desk lamps list:

  1. Best desk lamp overall: BenQ e-Reading LED Swing Arm Desk Lamp
  2. LEPOWER Metal Clip-on Light
  3. JUKSTG Flicker-Free LED Lamp – Awesome timer function
  4. Lumiy Lightblade 1500S – Second brightest light
  5. Lampat LED desk lamp
  6. OTUS Metal Swing Arm Dimmable LED Lamp
  7. JUKSTG 36pcs
  8. Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp
  9. Lightblade 1500S Desk Lamp by Lumiy
  10. Phive CL-1 LED Architect Desk Lamp

Reviews of the top 10 best desk lamps for eyes in 2021

Here we tell you about the top 10 best desk lamps for eyes, which can’t affect the eyes. I hope our research is very useful and helpful for all people.

Best desk lamp overall: BenQ e-Reading LED Swing Arm Desk Lamp

The BenQ LED Desk Lamp is one of the best lamps in the market for protecting your eyes it protects your eyes when you are working. It provides ultra-bright, flicker-free light that self-adjusts according to the surrounding environment for a premium price.

Even grandmother can thread a needle with enough light from the BenQ at 900 lumens.

The auto-dimming mode detects the ambient light and adjusts automatically to provide the most appropriate brightness level for your work environment. Additionally, the lamp can be manually adjusted to take advantage of the decent color temperature range and the highest light output in our lineup.

The unique design of the lamp makes it stand out too, as it provides more desk coverage while reducing glare at the edges and keeping things dark in the middle.


  • Yes, you can adjust the brightness
  • Power consumption: 18 watts
  • The maximum brightness is 900 lumens and 1,800 lumens
  • 2700 – 5700 K Color temperature
  • Warranty: One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • A joint and arm structure that can be adjusted
  • A wide range of illumination (90 cm), auto-dimming, glare-free


  • Color temperature can be adjusted
  • Care for your vision without flickering
  • Using auto-dimming mood


  • It is an unshaded design

LEPOWER Metal Clip-on Light

It’s easy to use, controlled, scratch-resistant, and has an ultra-flexible gooseneck. This is a very affordable lamp. Wherever the LePower clip is on the light, let’s customize your lights if you need them.

Lepower can be attached anywhere without worrying about scratches, thanks to the foam-padded clip. The arm is also very flexible, so it’s an excellent option if you don’t have plenty of space. In addition, it is highly portable since it’s lightweight, and a USB cord or AC adapter can power it.


  • It has two brightness levels and is adjustable
  • Power: 3 watts
  • Brightness maximum: 260 lumens
  • Temperature range: 2,700 – 6,000 K, 2 modes
  • Warranty: 60-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty
  • Flexible gooseneck and scratch-resistant foam clip
  • USB cords and AC adapters are available for power


  • Light can be controlled easily with built-in intuitive buttons
  • Comfortable lighting design that protects the eyes
  • Lamp holders that can be adjusted from any angle for improved visibility


  • After some time Surface may get hot

Rating and review score for LEPOWER Clip-on Light at Best Views

Based on customer reviews and opinions about seven features, this product received an overall score of 9.14 out of 10.

  1. Value for money
  2. Design
  3. Overall satisfaction
  4. Giftable
  5. Packaging
  6. Battery efficiency
  7. Customer service

JUKSTG Flicker-Free LED Lamp – Awesome timer function

Our pick for the best budget desk lamp that comes with an automatic shut-off feature is the JUKSTG Flicker-Free LED Lamp with a modern, minimalistic, sleek look. Along with essential elements and a highly adjustable build, it comes with a 1-hour timer and USB charging.

Its attractive design is space-saving and allows it to be placed on a bedside table. It is adjustable at three points. For example, when you use the timer function, you can comfortably rest your eyes without worrying about burning your lamp all night long. The unit is easy to assemble and comes with screws and screwdrivers included.

Outstanding Feature

  • Brightness can be adjusted: 7 levels
  • 14-watt power supply
  • The maximum brightness is 400 lumens
  • The color temperature ranges from 2,800 to 5,500 K, with four modes
  • Warranty Replacement for Life
  • The head, neck, and base are all multi-angle adjustable
  • Timer with 1 hour of operation, USB port for charging


  • Provides seven brightness levels that can be adjusted according to your requirements
  • An adjustable arm and rotatable head offer an ideal illuminating angle with 270 degrees of rotation.
  • The use of non-ghosting lights reduces eye strain and fatigue.


  • Loose power cord connections

Lumiy Light blade 1500S – Second brightest light

It offers an outstanding balance between brightness output and price. In addition, this desk lamp has a USB charging port and a 1-hour timer, making it an attractive choice.

The 1500S comes with four color modes and five brightness settings. It also boasts a CRI of 93 and an incredible maximum light output of about 800 lumens. Color Rendering Index is a measure of how natural-colored objects appear under the light. The higher the CRI, the better the quality of the lighting. To give you an idea, natural sunlight has a CRI of 100 (the maximum level).

Outstanding features

  • Brightness can be adjusted, there are 20 levels
  • Power: 10 watts
  • The maximum brightness is around 800 lumens and 1,500 lux
  • A color temperature range of 2,635 to 6,185 K. Four modes are available
  • A 1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer
  • Heads that pivot in both directions
  • Charge your device with a USB port and set a 1-hour timer


  • The pivoting feature is available.
  • The lamp’s temperature and brightness can be adjusted.
  • Robust and stylish architecture.
  • There are five dimmable modes
  • The design is stylish


  • When a desk lamp is turned on or off, it makes a low noise or beep.
  • It’s expensive
  • You can easily collect fingerprints if you choose a black Light blade desk lamp.
  • The battery charges a little slowly

Lampat LED desk lamp

A lamp that has a glariness protective structure that can be comfortable for your eyes is known as a lampat LED desk lamp. it is friendly to your eyes that prevents it from being too strained, it illuminates like natural light.

It is friendly for reading, studying, relaxing, and sleeping. it has 4 lighting modes that you can use as per your need. The light also has five levels of brightness, so you can choose the brightness that is right for your needs.

This device has one of its greatest advantages in that it consumes very little energy. A touch-sensitive control panel makes it easy to customize the panel.

Outstanding feature

  • Material: ‎Plastic
  • Shape: Linear
  • Power Source: Corded-electric
  • Voltage: ‎12 Volts
  • Wattage: 10
  • Type of Bulb: LED
  • Luminous Flux: ‎530 Lumen
  • Switch Style: ‎Touch

Special Features

  • Modern Design
  • Space Saver
  • Touch Dimmer
  • No Glare Reflects on Screen


  • dimmable light source
  • The device consumes very little power
  • A flicker-free lighting system
  • Brightness and lighting options available in a wide range
  • Having a long life expectancy


  • It is not battery-operated

OTUS Metal Swing Arm Dimmable LED Lamp

An easy-to-use lamp for busy architects is the OTUS Metal Swing Arm Dimmable Lamp. You cannot put fingerprints or smudges from your pens on its base due to its unique design.

Your lamp can be turned on or off by waving at this sensor, and it can maintain the cleanliness of your lamp. All the joints, the arms, and the lampshades are made of metal.

You can clip this kind of lamp to any surface, including tables, shelves, and desks. You also get the same brightness and savings on energy as you do with an incandescent bulb.

A large desk or drawing table can be illuminated by the higher lighting height. Additionally, three different color modes let you study, read, or relax.

Outstanding features

  • Brightness can be dimmed in 12 steps
  • It has a memory function
  • LED lamps with 20 percent energy-savings
  • A sensor that detects infrared light
  • The lumens are 500 lm
  • Three unique color settings


  • Protects your eyes well (flicker-free)
  • Having a long-life expectancy
  • Maintain a clean environment
  • Metal swing arms that can be adjusted
  • Clamping capacity is good


  • There is no power button
  • LED Bulb that Cannot Be Replaced

JUKSTG 36pcs

Featuring sleep, reading, studying, and relaxing modes, this lamp can fit your needs. It features 36 pieces of 14-watt LEDs. You can use it on your desk space to offer the lights you need.

With its sensitive touch control, you can easily adjust the lighting.

A 180-degree rotation is also possible for the arm, while the 360-degree swivel of the base will provide you with better illumination.

A USB output of 5V/1A allows you to charge the lamp and your device simultaneously. To save some desk space, you can fold the lamp when you are not using it.

The lamp comes with seven brightness levels that you can adjust according to your needs.

Outstanding feature

  • Flicker-free and eye-friendly
  • Charging via a USB port is convenient
  • Lighting Modes: 4 types
  • Seven Levels of Brightness
  • Light output: 400 lm
  • Controlled by a sensitive touch


  • The base and arm are adjustable
  • Ability to select from a wide range of brightness levels and lighting modes
  • Automatically shuts off after an hour to save electricity
  • The folding capacity of this product is good


  • The product is made of plastic
  • Taking up more desk space because of its large base

Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Tomons Swing Arm Desk Lamp is an environment-friendly lamp since it has more wooden materials. Its materials are durable, so you can use them for a long time.

The lamp is an excellent choice for long-term work or relaxing reading. In addition, this lamp has a modern design that matches any desk décor.

In addition, the light can be adjusted in height and angle in any way you like since the arms have three joints.

There are five colors available as well, including red, green, white, and silver.

If you want more color options and a more adjustable joint, this lamp can be a good choice for you.

Outstanding features

  • Wooden materials that are environmentally friendly
  • Here are five types of colors
  • Applications with a variety of functions
  • The light angle and height can be adjusted
  • A pair of arms with three joints that can be adjusted


  • Small Base Taking Up Less Space on Your Desk
  • Design in the 21st century


  • There are no color types of light
  • Limitations of brightness

Lightblade 1500S Desk Lamp by Lumiy

A high-end residential and commercial lighting fixture, the Lightblade 1500S by Lumiy (Series 2) will enhance the brightness of your desk area.

You will have the brightness that you need from this lamp due to its world’s best LED and high-quality optical drivers.

Stylish and durable, it is perfect for any contemporary interior.

The lamp delivers a high level of brightness as it has a high standard of performance.

Additionally, it is also known for its brilliant lighting, which produces vivid, rich colors as well as sharp and crystal text.

You can adjust the way the light looks depending on what type of light you need. You can also customize the settings using the excellent touch sensor.

Also, the integrated USB slot allows you to charge your mobile device while keeping your device close to you.

Arctic white or midnight black color options are available for this lamp.

Outstanding features

  • A dual white LED that is both cool and warm
  • A pivoting head that pivots in both directions
  • The color rendering index is 93 CRI
  • Brightness levels from 0 to 20
  • Color mode: 4 types
  • 1500 Lumens of Brightness


  • The pivoting head
  • A wide range of brightness options
  • A lamp that uses less energy
  • LEDs with a bright light
  • Designed for people who need different types of lighting for different tasks


  • Only a few colors are available

Phive CL-1 LED Architect Desk Lamp

It features a 180°swivel head and is highly adjustable. It also comes with an adjustable metal arm and a rotatable body that can be adjusted to your liking. A powerful clamping system allows you to clamp a tabletop with a depth of 2.36 inches.

The clamps, joints, and arms are made of durable metal. The light it emits is also close to daylight, so it doesn’t glare or flicker, protecting the eyes.

A great feature of this lamp is that you can save your current brightness and have it remembered when you turn it back on again.

The product has 90 LEDs and a 50,000-hour lifespan, making it a good value for money. Additionally, energy consumption is reduced by 20% compared to incandescent bulbs.

Outstanding features

  • Heads that can be rotated 180 degrees
  • Arms that can be adjusted
  • Body Rotatable
  • Clamping strength is strong
  • 50k hour life span
  • Range of brightness from 15% to 100%


  • The brightness scale ranges from dark to light
  • Arms, head, and body are adjustable
  • It saves the brightness settings


  • There are no modes of light color
  • There are only a limited number of colors available
  • Charging mobile devices is not possible via a USB port

A Consideration When Buying an Eye Lamp

Each person needs a different kind of lamp. According to your activities, needs, and work habits, you need to buy the right lamp. To help you make an informed decision when selecting a lamp, here are some tips:

  1. Light and Range Settings
  2. Lamp Size and Placement
  3. Durability
  4. Height and Adjustability
  5. Value for Money

Light and Range settings

The main purpose of buying a lamp is to obtain light for your workspace.

Make sure the lamp you choose creates bright, clear lighting. You should pay attention to any lamp flickering or glares that might damage or distract your eyes.

Consider a lamp with a wider range of brightness and color settings if you want a lamp for multiple uses. You can save money by not having to buy another lamp for each activity.

Lamp size and placement

Look for lamps with clamps or small bases if you have a small desk.

This way, you won’t have a problem with the space your lamp takes up on your desk.

When placing a lamp, remember to take the size into account. Also, in order to avoid being distracted from your work by cast shadows, you should set your light on the left or right side of your body, depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed.


Always take note if the lamps are durable if they are adjustable. The joints on some adjustable lamps can wiggle, especially those with many flexible joints.

Make sure that your lamp will last no matter how high or low it is to prevent it from breaking.

Height and adjustability

Before you buy your lamp, make sure you know what height it should be.

Many lamps today come with adjustable heads, bodies, and bases, which allow you to adjust the height of your light to suit your needs.

In order to find the right angle according to your preferences, it is essential to consider the lamp’s adjustability.

It is important to put things in the right place, especially if they affect productivity.

Value for money

Several excellent lamps are available on the market that can meet your needs. Do some research and surveys before you purchase one.

Verify the value for money of a specific product by looking at some reviews.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to compare lamps with one another in order to find the best ones.

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