How To Attach A Reading Lamp To A Floor Lamp?

Do you have a floor lamp that you don’t use because it doesn’t have a reading light? Or maybe you have a reading lamp, but it’s not tall enough to light up your whole desk. Attaching a reading lamp to a floor lamp is a great way to solve this problem and get the most out of your lamps. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to do it.

Check out here some best reading floor lamps:

Brightech Litespan LED Reading Floor Lamp:

An LED fixture produces 2000 lumens of light when built into the lamp. Depending on the amount of light needed in your room, you can adjust the brightness of this lamp as desired. Alternatively, you can use it in the living room, bedroom, or study room.

Verilux Smart Light Reading Floor Lamp:

In addition to being able to mimic natural daylight, this LED floor lamp also has the ability to adjust brightness settings and color temperature, making it an excellent reading lamp.

Janson Adjustable Brass Reading Floor lamp:

A beautiful and unique lamp on the market, the Jenson Adjustable Brass Reading Floor Lamp perfectly fits your furniture to make your home look elegant. As this lamp can be adjusted from 45 to 54 inches, you don’t have to worry about the light being too close to you or too far away from you.

How To Attach A Reading Lamp To A Floor Lamp:

A reading lamp is just one type of electrical lighting that is often attached to a floor lamp. A common problem with this setup is the lack of stability since the floor lamp wobbles under the weight of the lampshade. This article will show you how to attach a reading lamp to a floor lamp so it will be more stable and less likely to tip over.

Before Attaching The Floor Lamp To The Reading Lamp:

The first step in attaching a reading lamp to a floor lamp is making sure they are compatible with this task. Most lamps are not designed for two light sources on the same stand, which makes them unstable when attached.

Bolting The Floor Lamp To The Reading Lamp:

If your lamps are both sturdy and compatible, you can bolt the reading lamp to the floor lamp. This can be done by using a drill to create a hole through both of the metal supports of each stand. Make sure the hole is on the side that faces into the room instead of focusing downwards on a table.

Insert a carriage bolt into this gap and secure it with a lock washer on each side of the gap between both stands. If your lamps have welded joints, it may be impossible for you to create this gap without damaging them.

In this case, one alternative option is to use large screws as if they were bolts, but threading them through some scrap wood before screwing them in will hold better than threading directly through metal.

Adding A Weight To The Floor Lamp:

If the lamps are not bolted together, and you still want them to be more stable, you can add weight to the floor lamp. This can be done by filling a bag with sand or gravel and tying it to the leg of the floor lamp. Make sure that the weight is even on all sides, so it doesn’t cause the lamp to tip over.

Now your reading lamp should be securely attached to your floor lamp and much less likely to fall over!


So there you have it! Now you know how to attach a reading lamp to a floor lamp securely. By following these simple steps, you can rest assured knowing that your lamps will be safe from tipping over.